Shopping Stories (iv)

ShoppingStoriesIVCompulsive shopper that I am, here’s another peek into my sartorial headscape. I’ve got a real bag thing going on at the moment, greedily gobbling them up (in my head and in real life!). There’s quite a strict criteria…

They most definitely can’t be flamboyant It bags, but they need to have that level of chicness and quality. No logos please, but needs to look expensive (whether it is or not!). I think this why the A.P.C. bags have been working so well for me, ticking all the boxes, but I haven’t been able to keep my (Insta) eye off the Chloe collection and although, on principle, I won’t be buying into the grand-plus styles anytime soon, there is one that’s caught my eye.

The little Georgia which is neat, saddle-bag inspired and quite unique looking with its double flap. A price hike up from what I’ve been spending but not an insulting amount. It’s got that 70s things going on and would look perfectly on fleek (sorry, does this even exist out of insta-land?) with winter coat, huge scarf, skinnies and trainers – y’know, autumn uniform.

So this Friday starts fashion week here in London. I’ve been keeping up with happenings on social from New York – checkered manicures, twisted braids and cut-out shoulders seem to be the long and short of it (ha, what an edit!) – if only because I need my work head on for the weekend when I’ll be doing my usual stint for the Topshop blog covering shows at the Topshop Showspace. Friday will be relatively chilled, with a show, Fashion Scout exhibition and catch-up time with blogger pals.

Anyway, this is a very long-winded way of saying I am (ambitiously maybe) planning to wear a pair of dungarees. This is all quite wobbly, as 1) I haven’t tried them on yet 2) I know they’re going to be too long 3) I have no idea what’s going to look good beneath them topwise and 4) I’ve committed to wearing trainers (the ones pictured in fact) when I think maybe something heeled would be better. So… dungarees. This corduroy wide-legged pair is what I’m pinning my hopes on, cause they’re the most 70s. I’ll be calling my velcro-aided look toddler chic.

The other 70s thang which is gracing all the fashion mags right now is shearling. It’s a great look, but I’ve never found a really good jacket. And it’s the kind of thing you want to get right because really it’s a wardrobe classic that gets pulled out every year. I like the look of this one, currently in my basket (which is fine, because I’m just returned a coat that didn’t work, ‘kay?).

Bag | Dungarees | Coat | Trainers

Big Stripes

Also, I’ve been living in this big striped chunky knit by Cheap Monday on ASOS. It’s a dream for throwing on over skinnies during the day and cosying up in at night. I wanted the really big, oversized look and thought about sizing up, but thank goodness I didn’t, I would have drowned (metaphorically, obvs, in a sea of monochrome strips). Rest assured, this jumper has been designed with proper oversizing in mind so just get your regular size. (Also perfect dupe for this Saint Laurent version!)

Anyway, I’m keeping myself busy today with work – house move has been delayed, I weep – and popping out to visit Holi Studios, based here in London but with coats made in Cambodia creating stable work for the community. More on that soon.