Cuffed in Blues


When your belts are packed away in god-knows which box, best to reach for a random scarf lying out and use instead, right? And pretty too. But to avoid overkill I colour-blocked the rest of the outfit, broken up only by the washed out cuffs of these DIY ripped jeans…

The jumper is another brilliant piece by new designer Genevieve Sweeney, a relaxed sports luxe fit which is ideal for popping over jeans and tucking in in parts. The whole look is making me think I should colour block more! I wore this last week when the weather was still sunny, we seem to have entered the rainy part of this month now, so definitely would add in a coat today.

Speaking of coats. A catalogue from a brand called Plumo (do you know it?) dropped through my door a couple of days ago and flicking through I fell in love… with a few things. Including this coat which I ordered straight away (there was a discount code, yes!) and am counting the days til its arrival. Also check out the jumpers because they look amazing!

Childcare mix-up today, so I better dash. Gus is starting at a new nursery in a coupe of weeks so we’re just in-betweening until that happens. Yesterday we had a lovely lazy Sunday brunch pottering around Chatsworth Market. I also popped into the brilliant Triangle Store which has some gorgeous hanging plant solutions, so keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post as these are gorgeous to look at and fun to make!
GenevieveSweeny_07GenevieveSweeny_04GenevieveSweeny_05 GenevieveSweeny_02GenevieveSweeny_06 GenevieveSweeny_03
Jumper* | Genevieve Sweeney

Jeans* | Urban Outfitters

Trainers | Adidas

Scarf | Liberty London

Bag | A.P.C. (similar style)

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