70s For 90s For Now


Such nostalgia evoked by the 70s print of this dress – harking back to mis-remembered childhood memories sharpened by photographic evidence of my mother wearing a top, a dress, or something similar. Then worn over trousers in that way we did back in the 90s… 

A mish-mash of an outfit – do the platform loafers tie in somewhere else, like the straight-leg denim and 60s style neckline of a coat? The saddle style satchel another 60s throwback (by the brilliant new French brand, Sezane, online only, doesn’t cost the earth!). Who knows, it felt the right way to wear a dress for me. As I get older, I seem to move further away from dresses and skirts, even for formal wear. Especially for formal wear (on the rare occasion).

These photos were taken just an hour before I had an eye test that revealed my prescription has changed quite significantly. For the better, which is weird. But which also explains the last eight months of sore head and eyes as I was wearing specs and lenses much too strong for me. A relief, but also self-annoyance at having left it so long. I used to be so good at being on top of these things. These days, not so much. We go through waves, I guess. Need to get back on that one where looking after yourself is not something to be buried in the sand.

In case you’re wondering that’s not my car. I still need to learn to drive.  And just putting it off, putting it off… More importantly, I managed to get my hands on this gorgeous little, very sold-out Sezane bag. Sezane are a highstreet French brand making waves at the moment, and you can now purchase online if you’re UK based. I’d been checking back and checking back and finally this came back in stock. And at £137, the kind of bag price I like. And yes, the quality is sturdy and good. Other colours too. I’m checking back in for the tan, which is delicious! All sold out right now though. But the site is saying the burgundy is available soon.

So this week has been a busy one. On top of the usual blog stuff, I shot some product photography for lovely sustainable knitwear brand Ally Bee, took part in a talk on blogging and freelancing by To&TO (they do fun, creative, design-inspired events), and then crashed and burned yesterday after realising I hadn’t had a square meal in two days. Hmmm. Getting all that sorted out right now. Sipping a breath-enhancing garlic and ginger carrot juice as I type…


Shoreditch8 Shoreditch6Shoreditch9 Shoreditch10 Shoreditch11

Coat* | Boden

Jeans | Topshop

Dress* | Millie Mackintosh

Shoes | Grenson

Bag | Sezane

Photography by Kit, and check out the magazine he edits Eight

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