Sunday Edit 30: The Make-Life-Easy Edition

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe holy grail is to have clothes that do it all for you. Give you comfort, style and panache all in a oner while you get on with the more important business of life.

While the bulk of my wardrobe is probably made up of a few of these things – great leather jacket, fantastic bucket bag(s), perfect white kicks – a lot of it feels like a tangled mess that you wade through like a shudder-inducing horror movie. As time passes (read: getting older) though, it becomes clear that a few pieces are complete no-brainers. And yet, sometimes hard to come by.

Vintage Levi’s

The insta-deificaton of the the vintage Levi 501 has been fierce. But it took me a while plus a disappointing purchase (problem with buying vintage online is the sizing; vintage Levi’s size up smaller) before I found the perfect source in my own backyard. Or rather, in my incredible local dedicated denim shop (gotta love east London for that) Bad Denim. I featured this place when it first opened, but never thought to check in for vintage. It was only on my Clapton walking tour last week showing Sara around for her guide (I’m doing one on here too!) that I realised what a fool I had been. Erin was literally taking delivery of a new batch of small-sized Levi’s that day. I tried on a couple, but had already fallen hard for this battered, bleach-spattered pair (see them in action here). They are a little tight I won’t lie, but going to diligently wear them in. Also keep an eye on Bad Denim, if you’re local, as Erin has plans to open a little coffee bar with magazines in the space, can’t wait!

Sheer blouse

A truly elegant sheer blouse which can do you nicely for daytime meetings plus out at night. The key is to get a quality one, as ones I’ve had in the past have just never really lasted. This Jaeger blouse feels like I’ve finally nailed it. I love the gentle seasonal trend-nod to ruffles with its mono cascade down the front. Wear with blue jeans and black pumps only 😉

Black pumps

These minimal COS pumps are part of the whole glove shoe thing that’s going on right now, a minimalist take on ballet flats of yore. I clocked in, fully on board, as soon as I saw the mid-heel versions, of which I have, ahem, three pairs. I nabbed these from COS online over a month ago, knowing they would be just the thing once it started feeling like spring yesterday. My first COS purchase, which I’m thinking is a massive oversight on my part. I always thought their pieces were not great for petites, but I may have got the wrong end of the stick. I’m off to see their SS16 collection in the next week so will know more then.

Evening clutch

I’m not very good at evening bags. I always end up wearing something woven gold-chain handled a la Chanel, but not Chanel, because I think that’s what’s required. And it always feels too glitzy and fashion for me. How about something beautifully crafted in the style of what I’d wear during the day. Amazing leather in a shade of brown and strong minimal design? No space for anything but a bank card and some flat make-up. New discovery Edinburgh brand Green Thomas has a stunningly strong aesthetic and I can’t wait to wear this beauty out.

Roll-off mascara

I first came across US brand Blinc when I reviewed their totally brilliant mascara a couple of years ago. Basically it applies a little tube of mascara to each lash which stays on perfectly – no undereye smudging – until you roll off with water. Such a clever thing and a total boon for someone who generally wipes off smudgy eyes post-cleansing with a towel. This time round I’m trying out more of the range, so far a lovely, mousse eyebrow wand which has replaced what I was using before for its ease of application and light, brown colour.

Neck decoration

For necklaces, you want something that will reflect who you are and what you’re all about. Delicate, but not overly pretty, minimal but not boring. I love London jeweller Matthew Calvin for exactly those things. I have quite a few of his rings too. This is my first necklace by him, a 3-D diamond shape and I love it!







Necklace* | Matthew Calvin

Shoes | COS

Shirt* | Jaeger

Jeans | Levi 501s @ Bad Denim

Clutch* | Green Thomas

Makeup | Blinc