A Natural Deodorant That Really Works

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor quite a few years now, I’ve been using natural deodorants. When I say using, I mean using them when home all day or when I’ve haven’t had anything too strenuous to do…

Because they work, but not amazingly. And for work situations or night’s out, I never wanted to risk smelling bad. Although, I don’t know about you but my sweat smell differs depending on what time of the month it is… haven’t exactly got the days pencilled in but in the run up to my period my sweat can be sharper… But I digress. Because here’s something worth saying, and dedicating its own blog post to, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant (from Portland, Oregon) really does work. At first, I tried it out at home, not thinking it would work any better than the ones I already have. But then a few days later I realised I had inadvertently been wearing it out and about for nearly two weeks and I hadn’t even noticed because it just worked. Which is kind of exactly what you want from a deodorant.

Now, where you might notice it initially is in the application. You don’t roll it on, although it looks like you could. But it’s quite dry, powdery almost, so you need to scrape a bit of off and then apply with your fingers, which at first I thought was just impossible – the decades long muscle-movement routine of applying your deodorant with a roll is hard to break – but once you try and get it and just add it on after applying body lotion it works out seamlessly.

Liz McCarthy, founder of A Beautiful World, the natural & organic beauty site where you’ll find this stocked, told me it was one of her long-term missions to find a natural deodorant that works and she’s done it! Comes in different flavours, mine is the Ylang Ylang & Calendula* for £11.50.

Ps. Woven pot (which I keep beauty stuff in) by Yonder Living and plant by Geo Fleur.


*Deodorant sent for review, but so glad it’s now in my life!