Sunday Edit | Tan, Stripes & Blue

Feeling the fresh breeziness of spring upon us finally and thinking bright sunny days and holidays. Here’s a few of my current spring favourites, from lightweight jeans to the perfect tan sandal, beach friendly cotton towels and organic haircare… 

I can’t really get beyond leather in shades of brown, woven things and soft, faded denim at the moment, kind of like my core pillars, boiled down to favourite essentials as each month passes by. Plus these days gorgeous organic haircare and chemical free candles are now becoming the norm, and it feels good!


My woven obsession is deep and I squealed in delight when Wood/Grey got in touch to tell me they were stocking the round woven bags (two styles!) and this lovely little bucket (or camera bag as I like to call it!) bag. There is something just so ingénue and come-what-may about woven bags, the holiday vibe is strong and they look just brilliant with everything. See the full range of basket bags at Wood/Grey, available for pre-order.

Woven bag* | Wood/Grey



So impressed by this sandal style new in from Hudson. I’ve only ever really known Hudson for the ankle boots but these tan sandals are so wonderfully classic and look just brilliant with jeans. I’ve done a bit of a sandal special over on You Tube, where these feature, so take a peek and let me know what you think!

Sandals* | Hudson


I’m having a bit of a moment with Topshop jeans this month. In particular, the Lucas style which is fast selling out and which I’ve been going in store to try and nab in various sizes. The style works so well, that you can play with the sizing, going smaller and you get a neat on the leg (but still quite loose where the waistband forgivingly sits just above the hips but below the tummy button) and one size up and you’ve got a really nice relaxed, carefree boyfriend-esque shape.

Plus the denim is so soft and light, so feels just right for summer, I bought in black too! It’s really worth keeping an eye for your size. I also bought a brilliant straight pair in store. The cuff was pre-frayed, but I rolled (second to last pic!) and again, the denim is really soft to touch.

Jeans | Topshop


Gone are the days of organic shampoos that don’t seem to lather or clean your hair very well! These days we’ve got great product and beautiful packaging. This 100% organic Rahua shampoo works really well for my hair – leaving it clean but nourished – I was once advised by a hairdresser to go for clear and not creamy shampoos as my hair gets greasy quite quickly. I use the rich & buttery conditioner sparingly, as I don’t want too silky a look if that makes sense! Sulphate free, the main ingredient is Rahua nut oil from the Amazon, and Gwyneth is a fan, which, given the quality of her silky locks…

Hair products* | Rahua


I can’t quite believe in a couple of weeks time I’ll be exploring the Greek island of Samos with one of my favourite gal pals, Arianna. The island was home to Pythagoras, and is a wonderful mix (from what I can tell!) of gorgeous blue water & white beaches, monasteries and waterfalls. Yep, I’m already dreaming. For impromptu or not-so-impromptu beach moments, a Hammam Havlu towel is just the thing. Water absorbing but quick drying, I much prefer these to a big bulky towel and obvs lovely for pictures too 😉 100% cotton and just £25. I love the fresh and crisp look and feel… see you on the beach!

Towel | Hammam Havlu


Using just oils and soy wax in jars made from old wine bottles from Primrose Hill pubs, London’s Wax & Wick Workshop candles are wonderfully unique looking and so nice to burn knowing you’re not breathing in any artificial or synthetic colours, palm oil, SLSs or parabens. And the scents are wonderfully strong and heady. Just having them sitting on the kitchen table during the day emits a lovely, fresh fragrance.

I’ve been burning the quite unusual but refreshing (I think it’s the salt!) Smoked Tobacco and Salted Bourbon (reduced from £18 to £13.50 right now!) one and saving the White Musk + Cedar Wood for a relaxing bathtime. So brilliant to see so many fab London candle companies popping up producing candles that aren’t going to break the bank – may I refer you to one of my favourite tweets of all time? Never fails to crack me up :o) Thankyou Wax & Wick for not sending us into the red!

Candles* | Wax & Wick


Gus and I becoming die-hard fans of the beautiful George Luck puzzles. Our first one was a beautifully put together animal A-Z and this latest one is a two-level arctic extravaganza. They are suitably difficult – satisfyingly enough for an adult to get deeply involved, ahem – and are beautiful to touch and feel plus have a little animal learning thrown in to boot. Fabulous present for 4-year-olds plus.

Puzzle* | George Luck 

All photography by myself on Olympus Pen F with 25mm f1.2 lens