3 Ways To Style A Red Scarf

Figuring out summer fashion can be a bit of a minefield when suddenly every crazy floral dress seems like the perfect answer to hot days and city style…

[ezcol_1half]I’m finding that simple is the best approach to combatting sweaty tube journeys and transitioning from afternoon meetings to enjoying the evening sun over an alfresco drink. My solution? Work in a pretty red scarf  – red is having a visual moment right now in the world of Insta style! What with its French chic in the city vibes… this one I bought from Cult Gaia last year, of the cult Japanese picnic baskets, but they’re no longer on site unfortunately. However, there are a tonne on Etsy to trawl through, check here! You want a long, straight one. [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]And there are a few ways to do this. This is my take on the headscarf, the bag tie and surrogate belt with some of my favourite new finds – cashmere knit from Elwin London (super proud as a Clapton based company!), handmade in Madagascar basket bag by The Noces, movie star sunnies by Lines & Current that won’t break the bank and a brilliant new sandal style from Hudson. And ongoing fave is another east London brand, Paradise Row for the perfect made in Hackney minimal bag (remember my factory visit?)[/ezcol_1half_end]



It’s always seemed the most obvious to me, to thread a silk scarf through the loops of your jeans. The contrast textures of soft and rough are made of each other and add a bit of spice to what otherwise might be an overly minimal look. Not the most ideal for going to the loo – don’t knot tight, try a bow, although you don’t want the bow too fat as it’ll push out too much at the front. So you might want to try the side, but that can be a little too jaunty pirate, and even more inconvenient for the loo… So I loosely half bowed with a straight length of scarf. If you are triangling a square you are at risk of fat and thin through the length which can ruin the look. Didn’t say this was going to be easy now…!

Knit | Elwin London

Jeans | Topshop 

Bag | Paradise Row




I have been a big headscarf wearer at various stages of my mainly short-haired life. A little longer than I am now and it’s quite a good match. Too short cropped hair can be a bit weird though as the scarf just kinda sits atop your head like a hairband with a big bow. Ideally the longer the hair the better and you can rock that 60s equal width band or more messy with visible knots and bows 70s thing. Either way, it’s brilliant for when you’re having a hair disaster or when you want to look like you’ve made an effort in the evening, or you just want to jazz up a plain black dress.


I love a scarf on a leather bag. Again, it’s that wonderful contrast of textures – wholesome against fine silk in pretty patterns. I haven’t quite mastered the professional technique, I find it’s more of a trial and error process. Which handle works best becomes apparent usually after you’ve tied and knotted, and then realised you wanted it on the back left. I tend to carry my bags on my left arm and like the scarf not to interfere with my hand – so back left corner is ideally the one for me – I failed on this one! Wrapping round a section then knotting or tying in a bow is nice. Basically the overall aim is to make it look pretty, and for every scarf and bag this is going to take a slightly different form.

Top | Topshop,   Jeans | Topshop 

Hoop bag | Simon Miller, Bracelet | Missoma

Hat | Gap (in sale!), Sunglasses | Jimmy Fairly



Dress | Posse 

Straw bag | The Noces

Sunglasses | Lines & Current


Photography by me on  Olympus Pen F with 25mm f1.2 lens

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