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Stylonylon | Susanne Kaufmann | Re/Done jeans | The Explorer's AtlasThere is so much good stuff in the world of natural & organic skin and haircare at the moment that I feel I have something amazing to share with you every week…

If you are a beauty fan, of natural and beyond, then do sign up to The Beauty Conversation email newsletter headed up by the fab Navaz of DisneyRollerGirl and Yolanda O’Leary, brand consultant. I saw Navaz earlier this week in the quite glitzy surround of the House of Dior (my first time inside, quite a shiny, though pleasingly navy experience!) and found ourselves discussing how beautifully packaged beauty products are these days, Navaz mentioning how a friend of hers had wittily commented that things really had reached ‘peak Glossier’. Glossier, cult sell-out US brand that I must admit I have singularly failed to try, despite the hype!

Btw, check out the stunningly shot #drgpetitdejeurner film; you know I’m not one for flashy logos but this is a vision of Dior – navy tones & utility frayed denim – I can definitely get on board with.

Stylonylon | Susanne Kaufmann | Re/Done jeans | The Explorer's Atlas
Your new favourite

And sometimes it’s a chance meeting that you discover something, and you wonder if it weren’t for that how you might have missed having this wonderful thing in your life. It was exactly that, a meeting about something else entirely, that brought me to luxe Austrian skincare brand Susanne Kaufmann, which you can find in Liberty, Net-a-Porter and at Cult Beauty.

Organic skincare based on natural Alpine healing remedies, based in the valley of Bregenzer Forest where Susanne Kaufmann also runs a spa hotel, where you just know you could happily spend the rest of your life. Or at least a week’s skiing 😉 Watch this space. 

Body lotion* | Susanne Kaufmann

Bath oil* | Susanne Kaufmann

Stylonylon | Susanne Kaufmann | Re/Done jeans | The Explorer's Atlas
And for the hair…

So this week for the hair I bring you Ozzie super natural brand Evo, which I first discovered at my local hairdressers Moose. I bought the Crop Strutters fibre paste (next best thing to wax these days!) and the powder and this is a good way to add extra texture to any paste kind of product. But imagine my delight when I discovered the dry spray wax. All over it!!! And I’ve been trying out the shampoo and conditioner too.

My new routine is an evening magnesium flakes and oil bath where a wash my hair, apply an overnight hair treatment and it dry overnight. Next morning I just wet in the shower, quick blast with hairdryer and use a couple of products to shape into something vaguely presentable.

Dry spray wax* | Evo

Dry shampoo* | Evo

Shampoo* | Evo

Stylonylon | Susanne Kaufmann | Re/Done jeans | The Explorer's Atlas
Organic sleepwear

Ok, so nighttime. As it gets colder (yes heating already on!) I’m moving on from PJ shorts and a tee to full-length sleepwear. I’ve been trying out the lovely organic top and bottoms from new company Noctu Organic. Run by sisters Zoë and Milly Gale with British and Norwegian roots, the vibe is very cool, muted colours in soft flowing shapes as well as sustainable and Fair Trade.

Oversized is the look, although being so pint sized, even the smallest size S is maybe too oversized on me! But still wearable and divinely comfortable; my husband likes to call this look “futuristic utopian loungewear’ – ha! Rolled up is the night dress which you can see here. 

Also pictured it my absolutely favourite natural deodorant – that actually works! I use this everyday, and have been for nearly a year now – by Schmidt’s available at A Beautiful World. A package refresh and a new scent, health flavours of the month charcoal + magnesium.

PJ set* | Noctu  Organic

Deodorant* | A Beautiful World

Stylonylon | Susanne Kaufmann | Re/Done jeans | The Explorer's Atlas
And so to sleep

My nighttime rituals also involve a sniff of Scentered’s sleep balm, the lavender candle or Neom’s sleep mist (slightly addicted to all the stuff; it really does seem to send you off!).

Candle* | Scentered

Stylonylon | Susanne Kaufmann | Re/Done jeans | The Explorer's Atlas
Cream foundation

After nighttime comes the morning, so it goes. I’m not a big make-up wear as you probably know, but I do need some coverage. I like the light coverage of Dr Haushcka’s foundation, but sometimes need something more so was have been using NARS tinted moisturiser. But now that I’m passing out of summer remnant tan phase I’m suddenly finding it all a bit yellow.

Recently I happened upon a compact of parabens-free cream foundation by Cosmetics A La Carte which I used to such good effect between meetings on a long day of them that this week I plan to pop down to the King’s Road store (which has been there for the last 60 years) and have a bespoke shade made up. I am a lot more excited about this than I should be ;). Also pictured here is the collagen lip balm – both of these now come with me everywhere!

Compact foundation* | A La Carte Cosmetics

Lipbalm* | A La Carte Cosmetics

Stylonylon | Susanne Kaufmann | Re/Done jeans | The Explorer's Atlas
Denim obsession

You do know I’m obsessive, right? The kind of obsessive that gets the same thing in different colours cos I like to wear them over and over. So the ankle crop skinnies I’ve been living in by Re/Done come in different washes, so… You do the maths. 😉 New styles dropping this Jan in the UK from what I understand… 

Jeans | Re/Done at Bad Denim

For the family explorer

And finally… Who said print was dead? This stunning tome is one for your Christmas present list. Beautifully illustrated large format maps for the world-facts – from the trails of the great explorers to a range of odd curiosities – hungry.

Book | The Explorer’s Atlas

Stylonylon | Susanne Kaufmann | Re/Done jeans | The Explorer's Atlas

(* denotes items sent for review)