On My Beauty Shelf

Stylonylon | Beauty Shelf | Evo | Josh Rosebrook | Yuli | The Body Shop I absolutely love having a surreptitious nosy in other people’s bathrooms to see what they’re using skincare and makeup wise! Often it’s the little pots and containers and the way things that are arranged that I love the most! 

This is a photo of my pretty straightforwardly ordered ‘front line’ shelf. Here I keep those products I need quick and easy access to after washing my face. At the front clusters a little group of products used in quick succession; this is post face cleansing, pre makeup, which is why you won’t see many of the makeup pieces I featured in my recent post on my new tips & tricks. (But you can read more about that here).

So basically what you have in the front row here is, in the order that I apply:

  1. Something to put on the fine lines around my eyes. Yuli Amrbrosia Nectar or Lilfox Miami eye serum.
  2. A facial mist (previously never having ‘got’ these, I can’t live with a refreshing spray now!)
    Yuli facial mist.
  3. A hydrating serum, I’m really into the ginger in this Body Shop Roots of Strength (launching Jan) right now.
  4. And a moisturiser. Except the one I’m using isn’t just any standard moisturiser, it’s actually a balm, in a wonderful mousse form! I feel a little pang of guilt every time I use this because of the cost. But it is actually one of best things I  put on my face right now. (Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream – also obsessed with the organic Ethereal perfume behind).

Obviously things get moved around and relocated as they’re used, but mingling in the second row and in the back at a few of the products I use every other day rather than daily. The brilliant bespoke foundation I had made up at Cosmetics A La Carte, Chocolate Sun to give a bit of colour to the pale face of winter, a hair hydrator (this Evo one needs to come off after a few mins so one I use in the bath), Sachajuan salt spray for hair when dry, Evo dry shampoo and a few other bits.

Anyway, I just thought I’d give you a little snapshot behind the products were you take a glance at my beauty shelves while popping to the loo! 😉 All of the products are free from and some organic too.