Wardrobe Heroes With Born At Dawn

Stylonylon | Born At Dawn | Selected Femme | Weekday | Vans Never not in search of a way to simplify getting dressed in a rush while still nailing it! Unfortunately bad purchases of the basics can let you down over time…

A Perfect Tee?

I’ve spent my life buying three colours of the same basic tee – because I’ve decided it’s The One – only to find them scrunched up, looking decidedly worse the wear from repeat washes, no longer the harbouring the fresh, clean, chic look it once purported.

A Perfect Shirt?

And I’ve never got it right with shirts – necklines have to be quite retiring with me (for some reason I just can’t carry off a ‘wow’ neckline, I just get overwhelmed by the pizazz!) so quite low-key, ideally collarless – possibly because I’m quite narrow on the shoulders so don’t have enough expanse for material to hang elegantly.

The Perfect Skinnies?

And since we’ve all bid farewell to the skinny for the much more grown up Straight, High Waisted Denim that is always next level cool-chic, my skinnies have been consigned to the back of the shelf and some even, The Attic.  And yet, there are those days – by which I mean school run weekdays – when you just need to pull on something quick, easy and comfy before you gulp back your cup of tea and rush the little one out the front door to get to school On Time.

Wardrobe Heroes!

So… where is all this leading? I met the lovely Lucy Knights before she had even launched her new business early last year, online boutique Born At Dawn. Formerly in womenswear retail at Harrods with a penchant for well-designed, good quality, hard-working wardrobe basics for women (and mums, being one herself!) who don’t want to spend designer prices but don’t want throwaway fashion.

I was already sold on the brands lined up, 2nd Female, Samsoe & Samsoe, Gestuz among others which Lucy has carefully handpicked the best bits from.

The pieces I’m wearing in today’s post are from Lucy’s cleverly conceptualised Wardrobe Heros. A brilliant t-shirt basic by Selected Femme that isn’t going to get scruffy after a few washes, and that drapes perfectly.

Skinnies that are as comfortable as leggings and in faded grey go with everything.

And a step hem black shirt with a gentle neckline that is capacious and drapey can be thrown over a pair of jeans for an easygoing day or night look.

Shop your perfect wardrobe basics at Born At Dawn 

Stylonylon | Born At Dawn | Selected Femme | Weekday | Vans
Wearing all the heros at once!

Stylonylon | Born At Dawn | Selected Femme | Weekday | Vans


What I’m Wearing


White tee* | Selected Femme
Black shirt* | Selected Femme
Grey jeans* | Selected Femme
Blue jeans | Weekday
Trainers | Vans

Stylonylon | Born At Dawn | Selected Femme | Weekday | Vans