My New Skincare Obsession | Mother Dirt

It’s not often a wonder product comes along – my skin journey on the whole is pretty even-handed and non-dramatic, something for which I am very thankful! But then I tried Mother Dirt… 

I was completely intrigued by the unique approach of the brand’s core product, the Mother Dirt AO+ Mist spray. The idea being to repopulate your skin with good ‘peacekeeping’ bacteria in order to bring it back to its best, balanced state. Utterly brilliant – get it on me! (Mother Dirt’s founder, researching why animals rolled in the dirt, discovered they were replenishing their skin with good bacteria, something which us humans seems to have lost over recent decades.)

*Mother Dirt products gifted for review

Using the spray for over two weeks now – you apply it as your last product as other products can interfere with its efficacy – I’ve noticed a much fresher glow to my face, but the real changes have been on other parts of my body. The delicate, prone to spots and uneven textured skin on my collarbone and chest has improved significantly, I’ve never seen it look so good! Which is great as we move into the warmer skin-exposing months.

I’ve also been using it on my rash prone arms and belly (I suffer from a sugar and heat rash) and for the first time in ages this seems to have completely calmed down (I’ve also been using the brilliant @salicinuk cream to help with this). And finally, the cracked skin on my heels is making moves to finally healing up – I always struggle with this but I’ve been spraying on the mist after applying balms and it’s so encouraging to finally see some results.

I should also mention the Mother Dirt shampoo which has attained quite the internet cult status with many many rave reviews. Again I switched to using this two weeks ago and right from the start I could see it have a different effect on my hair. Bearing in mind, I have colour in my hair and use daily styling products, the easiest way I can put it is that my good hair days have risen remarkably…!

Which is saying something when you have an unruly growing out pixie crop to deal with! I still wash my hair every day but the shampoo’s purpose is to reduce the amount of times you wash your hair a week, going for longer stretches without. Which given that I’m using less styling products because my hair looks pretty ok without is definitely something I can see happening!

Love these products, I highly recommend. You can find them at Planet Organic and Amazon.