Olympus Cameras OMD & Pen Bank Holiday Discount

Stylonylon | Olympus OMD Pen | Discount Code This bank holiday weekend there’s a great deal on the Olympus OMD E-M10 – a reduction in price plus a free 45mm f1.8 lens worth £279.99 which you can claim after purchase…

And you can use my discount code STYLO20 to get a further 20% off:

OMD E-M10 Mark iii (body only) 

With STYLO20 works out at £463.20!

OMD E-M10 Mark iii pancake kit

With STYLO20 comes to £502.30!

Click here to claim your free 45mm f1.8 lens worth £279.99 after purchase (you need proof of purchase & the camera serial number!

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Also on promotion this weekend but not qualifying for the free lens…

OMD E-M10 Mark ii (body only)

With STYLO20 comes to £303.20

OMD E-M10 Mark ii pancake kit

With STYLO20 comes to £375.20

Pen E-PL8 pancake zoom kit 

With STYLO20 comes £359.20

Pen E-PL8 1442 II R kit

And absolute bargain with this weekend’s price reduction and STYLO20, taking it down to £279.99! Plus you get a free 45mm f1.8 worth £279.99 automatically added at checkout! 

Pen F (body only)

With STYLO20, comes to £719.20

Pen F 17mm F1.8 kit 

With STYLO20, comes to £879.20

Pen E-PL9 pancake kit

Not on promotion, but with STYLO20 comes to £464.09!


Things to note!

  1. The main difference between the OMD and the Pen is that the OMD comes with a viewfinder and weatherproof body. The inner workings and menu system are essentially the same; but the physical layout of buttons and dials differ. The only Pen that has a viewfinder is the Pen F.
  2. Any Pen lenses you have will fit onto the OMD and vice versa.
  3. There is a difference between the pancake kit 14-42mm zoom lens (which zooms and sits flatter to the camera) and the cheaper 14-42mm kit lens which doesn’t zoom and sticks out a bit more! This is relevant to the Pen E-PL8.

Please do ask my any questions about the cameras in the comments below or DM me on Instagram!