Romilly Wilde| London Pop Up & Interview

Romilly Wilde Pop Up & Interview
I love discovering new (to me!) natural skincare brands and I can’t believe I hadn’t come across Romilly Wilde before! A natural, vegan and cruelty free UK brand using a wonderful range of nutrient-full ingredients in their natural state…

Yesterday I popped along to their just opened Notting Hill pop up to meet brand founder Susie Willis and try out two of their facial treatments – the Dermalux LED light lab– a non-invasive treatment which stimulates your cell processes to accelerate skin repair & rejuvenation – and the Mini Metabolic Facial which uses Japanese facial massage to lift the face and stimulate and support muscles resulting in a mini workout for the face!

*Press review treatment


Both treatments were wonderfully relaxing – while having the Dermalux LED treatment (the light is very bright but an extremely soothing experience!) my lovely therapist gave me a hand massage during the 20 minutes; but I particularly loved the Metabolic facial massage, breathing in the calming scents of the cleansing & moisturising products combined with the massage technique, use of pressure points and the use of a soul-nourishing tuning fork sounded and then applied to my heart chakra made for a wonderfully holistic experience. My skin was incredibly perky and plumped at the end of it all!

I also had a lovely chat with the passionate and inspiring founder Susie Willis and here’s a little interview insight in to her world and vision:

When did your clean beauty journey start & why? 

My journey started when I sold my organic babyfood business, as ingredients have always been an obsession for me.  I wanted to create a clean beauty line that I felt had the sensorial, luxurious element that other ‘natural’ brands were omitting.  They all seemed to be either too wholesome, raw or indie in their positioning.  I wanted efficacy and luxury in the same pot!          

How important is massage to an effective beauty routine? 

Hugely important.  Massage imparts a flow of energy to the lymphatic system, allowing stagnancy to be replaced by a flow of clean ‘chi’ and blood to the system.          

Tell me all about your key products…

Key products are the Light + Energy Serum Cleanser, the Advanced Supercell Serum, the Night Duty Collagen boost and Eye Serum.  They all do what you would expect of them, offering specific delivery system of nutrition and nurture to each specific area when you need it the most.  We all want a cleanser to clean and polish but not strip and irritate, we all want a serum to hydrate and give a glow to the skin and a night cream to work on our metabolic systems whilst we sleep.  Eye serums are my absolute must have, as they have been designed with the delicate eye area in mind, and this area needs delicate support and protection.

The Romilly Wilde pop up is currently on for two months and you visit at 1 Denbigh Road, London, W11 2SJ