Basics | A Simple Summer Outfit

Stylonylon | Levis | Net a Porter | Muji | Stelar

When you just want simple! Then jeans with a great waist, a nice-looking comfy vest top, white kicks and a good bag is an everyday reliable combo…

While I tend to stock up on H&M vests once a year, they don’t tend to last amazingly and having had one or two really good quality ones, I do notice the difference. I received a few pieces from LA basics brand Commando (they pride themselves on doing great ‘invisible’ underwear – seamless, no lines showing through clothes) but I’ve been finding that they work just as well as outerwear. This black camisole is just perfect, and cut so perfectly there are no hemmed seams!

This post contains (*) gifted items and affiliate links.

Ah the old Levi’s ribcages – these are probably their coolest release this year, the high waist is just phenomenal! I’ve spoken about these before, wearing them tight looks great, but they do take a bit of working in! Mine are getting there, and no I won’t be washing them, ha!

I love these little white water-repellant (!) kicks from Muji – such a bargain at £24.99! I first saw them on Brittany who wears them with great panache, but little did I know the sizing is a bit of a lark. It’s in centimetres – er, ok! Luckily the sales assistant told me that 24.5cm is a size 5. So I tried on those and then went down to 24cm because they come up large!

And the bag – available soon! You know my love of all things woven and this structured, sustainably made basket is handwoven in Bali where the artisans are using traditional techniques. The label is Stelar and each bag has its own unique code which you can enter on the site and find out all about the person who made your bag! A really nice feature!

I Am Wearing

Top* | Commando

Jeans* | Levi’s

Shoes | Muji

Bag* | Stelar

Choker necklace* | Missoma

Pendant necklace | Cult of Youth