Garden Sunspot

Finding the right time of day for the perfect sunspot is easily overlooked…

And I kick myself for the amount of time I sit at the kitchen table glued to a screen thinking how nice it looks out there.

Our garden is paved, so no grass, but with two flowerbeds lining each side which I’ve filled haphazardly with a variety of plants, seeing which will take.

Last year’s roses have made an appearance, an old lavender tree I uprooted from our last house battles on, grasses I grew from tiny have exploded, honeysuckles boldly stretch and strain and smell divine,  and Gus’s buddleia, regularly cut back (hacked by me!) continues to dominate the space.

By the garden studio I try and fail to train eucalyptus & roses up the trellis, but next door’s apple tree is making good use in the meantime. But more importantly, that’s where the suntrap holds court, lighting upon an old near-abandoned rattan garden seat and tossing faded pillows down, I can kick back with my feet over the armrest and blink my eyes closed to feel the soft sun on my skin.

*Top is Winser and *jeans are Levi’s. (Gifted items)