Really Affordable Natural, Organic, Sustainably Packaged Skincare Brand – Tandem

Displaying Tandem Skincare, photographed by StylonylonJust launched this week, I’m so excited to share fantastic vegan and organic (COSMOS Organic certified, the Soil Association Beauty standard) skincare brand, Tandem! A streamlined no-nonsense range of eight products all under £25…

The cardboard box packaging is recycled and recyclable – the tubes are sugar cane plastic and the bottles glass which can go in household recycling and for the only plastic piece, the pump tops, the brand cleverly suggests you keep it and use on your next bottle (which you can buy without a pump) – good thinking and a great solution.

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The products themselves are perfectly sumptuous and sink happily into you skin. Straight forward in their streamlined range of eight and no confusion over which is best for you as they are non-skin type specific – which I really like, as I often feel there are too many products more or less doing the same things for your skin.

The only distinction is a lighter moisturiser which can be used for younger skin and a richer one for older skin (but actually I would use each one at different times depending on what my skin is feeling like!). And there are oils for cleansing, hydrating and boosting, an exfoliator and a thick but fast-absorbing body cream.

I feel like these are brilliant basics with all the right things going for them ingredient & packaging wise, which we should all have in our bathrooms and not have to worry about eeking out because they cost so much! The brand sells direct online, so no retailer markups.

The scents are not at all strong, the creams feel gentle and readily absorbed and the oils not too heavy.

I’m really impressed, could not recommend more, go take a peek at

Displaying Tandem Skincare, photographed by Stylonylon