This Fridja F10 Steamer Is Great!

I got rid of our ironing board quite a few years ago now! Not the most helpful, but at some level I just resented it… its implications of expected domesticity and also that I was just so bad at it. And I didn’t ever want to be good at it, lol…

Pictured: *Fridja F10 steamer  – see me using it on my Instagram IGTV

But I accept that there are times when you need to decrease and so I would take the iron out, roll up the rug and use the floor. Not ideal, granted. Then I heard about steamers. Really thanks to meeting stylists and making PR pals for whom steamers were part and parcel of their everyday work life.

Having used a hoover-sized steamer on a shoot, I got it! Effective, so much faster and easier than an iron. So obviously I splashed out on a £15.99 travel steamer that… was pretty useless and sputtered water on the clothes. So back to ironing on the floor.

That is, until last week. When I received a proper handheld steamer – by Fridja, a brand that’s been making quite a buzz; it was nice to see on my IGTV video that quite a few of you already owned one!

And, as luck would have it perfect timing, as I had some decreasing to do… Two old Ganni dresses I’m selling over on Depop – and rather than a total ironing fiasco on the floor, it was seamless, quick and actually quite a calming, therapeutic process!

The Fridja F10 comes in three colours and has a clever foldup hanger and water bottle attachment for travelling. It’s an entirely different beast from my first little travel steamer which didn’t work a jot, and it feels so much more evolved & elegant than having to drag out the ironing. I’m so here for this.

You can see the model I’m using here.

*gifted for review & affiliate link