Bathtime DIY Therapy

Stylonylon | Bath salts & oils | Susanne Kaufmann | Cowshed | Batch #001

This last year I’ve become so reliant on the healing power of a candle lit bath. Sliding into hot water fragranced with oils and salts and a flame flickering has become quite an integral part of my self-care routine…

To the point that it’s how I can immediately destress, ponder through the day or completely let go of anything that’s niggling away at me, as well as dream up ideas for work or writing projects and make sure I’m in exactly the right place to get a solid night’s sleep. Not being a huge TV watcher, I usually take twenty minutes in the evening after storytime to have a dip.

There are so many perfectly soothing products out there and these are the ones I like to use – not all at the same time btw! They’re all from natural brands I’ve been using for a while now and part of ranges I also use.

This post contains gifted items (*) and affiliate links.

  1. As the bath is running, I will pour in either an oil – *Susanne Kaufmann’s Oil Bath for the Senses (ylang ylang, patchouli & lavender with rosemary spring) or *Cowshed’s Invigorating Bath & Body Oil are two of my faves – or a mix: I’m loving the *Salt & Oil Bath Soak from Batch #001 with its anti-inflammatory essential oils and mineral rich salts – great for dry skin. And I adore the refreshing smell of the Verdant Alchemy salts, these are the  best smelling ones I’ve found – *Breathe In with eucalyptus is an incredible brain refreshener! Sometimes I’ll use plain magnesium flakes too.
  2. I’ve also got in the habit of spraying this *Wilder Bath Oil, a brand I discovered through natural brands beauty site Beauty Sust and I always make sure to spray and breathe this in just as I’m getting into the water.
  3. For an evening facewash, I’ll either use By Sarah London’s Green Clay Cleansing Balm which is such a treat and wipe off with a flannel (this one is a *linen one by Home Trousseau, who has a lovely array of linen homewares) or *Vanderohe’s No. 1 Purifying Cleansing Oil which is also one to breathe in as you apply; the smell is such a joy and immediately relaxing. For a weekly exfoliation, I use Pai’s Kukui & Jojoba Brightening Exfoliator.
  4. I don’t always body scrub but if I do, I love Monta Monta’s Sage Coffee Body Scrub (made from re-used coffee grains) which is just the right consistency and feels incredible on the skin.
  5. I’ll usually light a candle too, and (not photographed!) the one I use in the bathroom is this Cowshed double wick candle.
Stylonylon | Bath salts & oils
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Stylonylon | Bath salts & oils | Susanne Kaufmann | Cowshed | Batch #001

Susanne Kaufmann’s Oil Bath for the Senses

Cowshed’s Invigorating Bath & Body Oil

Batch #001 Salt & Oil Bath Soak 

Verdant Alchemy Salts

Wilder Bath Oil

Stylonylon | Bath salts & oils | Verdant Alchemy Stylonylon | Bath salts & oils | By Sarah London Stylonylon | Bath salts & oils | Susanne Kaufmann | Cowshed

By Sarah London Green Clay Cleansing Balm 

Home Trousseau Linen Flannel 

Vanderohe’s No. 1 Purifying Cleansing Oil

Pai’s Kukui & Jojoba Brightening Exfoliator

Monta Monta’s Sage Coffee Body Scrub

Stylonylon | Bath salts & oils | Pai Skincare | Wilder Botanics