Keeping It Yoga Chic

Stylonylon | Asquith ethical yogawear | AdidasI spend a lot of time in yoga clothing – one because yes, I try and do a daily half hour of yoga at home (I do the 30 minute Intermediate Combination on Yoga Studio app) and two, because it’s incredibly comfy getup for working in…

I’ve got my favourite leggings (these Gap ones) that I wear on repeat – there’s something strangely nice-looking about the horizontal stripes and I find the 7/8 length is good on five-foot-two me (most leggings are too long and bunch at the ankle). This pair do have a funny little ankle sag which bothers some people, but I really don’t mind as the rest of garment works out so well for me.

I also wanted to introduce you to new-to-me sustainable activewear brand Asquith who have just released a new range of ethical yoga clothes – organic cotton & bamboo collection of tops and bottoms which are super soft, fall just right and are the perfect weight. I love this kind of fabric, loose but clings to your shape, especially in tops, and have included two pieces in the outfits below – they’re the ones I’m wearing in the pictures too…

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So here we go with the Mellow Hoody from Asquith which is nice and capacious on the sleeves and has pockets too. I often end up keeping this on after my yoga session as it feels so nice to wear (plus a rare piece of clothing that has evoked compliments from both my seven-year-old and my husband – they love the stripes!).

The aforementioned stripy leggings from Gap, which I have had for over a year now and they still have in stock. I wear them most days (for my morning cycle ride too) and then for yoga – and the shape has held amazingly. They are definitely sculpting!

I featured the brilliant Eve & Keel Reset Mist in one of my recent beauty round-ups and it has become such an important part of my yoga routine – setting a psychological intention to calm and making the best of the next half hour. The action of misting is just as important as the light, calming sent.

I keep meaning to get a yoga block, as I loved using these in classes – really great for restorative poses; I loved putting them beneath my back to get a great fish pose arch. I also have these little yoga socks, which are great for the winter months when it’s colder. I usually slip on a pair of lightweight shoes after yoga, and I’m loving this new Superga style, the rubber sole really makes them stand out!

Asquith hoody | Gap leggings | Sweaty Betty socks | Eve & Keel Reset Mist | South Beach yoga block

Superga plimsolls

Stylonylon | Asquith ethical yogawear | Supega

I really love this whole outfit, and wish I could magic it into my wardrobe right now! Nothing beats a cool black jumper and I am obsessed with the animal print on the Varley leggings. I don’t usually wear legwarmers but for the Fame vibe alone I’m thinking I should bring them into my life – these H&M ones are just £8.99. I also keep coming back to the new Seamless yogawear over at Arket, and loving the tops & tights in brown – the whole set please!

I always light a candle when I’m doing yoga and one of my favourite brands, Evermore London, (I have the Moon one) has just released this exquisite Garden of Venus illustration in collaboration with artist Alexandra Coe. I know yoga is a solo activity, but the entwined bodies vibe perfectly for me nonetheless!

Re trainers, I’ve just bought these Adidas kicks for the Spring months. I know New Balance is having a hot moment right now, but Adidas just works better size wise for me – I’m a wide-footed size 5, and I find New Balance comes up a bit slim on the foot, whereas the Adidas have all the space I need!

Nike sweater | Arket yoga bra | Varley leggings | H&M leg warmers | Evermore London candle

 Adidas trainersStylonylon | Asquith ethical yogawear | Adidas


Another one of the Asquith yoga tops, an absolute beautifully soft, daily long-sleeved grey go-to for me which I think would go perfectly with the other half of the Arket set, the seamless leggings.

The Holistic Silk socks I received as a Christmas present and have often found myself pulling them on for cosy feet after a session. They’re actually bed socks, made from 55% mohair, so luxurious!

I have quite a little yoga setup with the Reset Mist, candles and also a small bowl of crystals – I sometimes pull out one or two and place on the floor when I’m practicing – when I’m in Savasana (corpse) I’ll reach for them and place on my chakra points and breathe deeply. Most of my crystals have come separately from the ethical She’s Lost Control, but I found this set, which also includes sage bundle and and protection mist . Quite pricey, but you can definitely build a little set to your taste with your favourite crystals and palo santo for burning. Wolf Sister has a lovely book on crystals, The Crystal Code.

This winter I’ve been living in black sheepskin Birkenstocks, so cosy! But for Spring I’m thinking a lighter pair my suffice, and have been eyeing up this lovely grey Cacao colour. One thing, I would definitely have gone a size up in the sheepskin clogs as they are quite neat with all the fluff inside and sometimes I like to wear with socks too!

Asquith top | Arket yoga tights | Holistic Silk socks | She’s Lost Control crystal set | Birkenstock clogs 

Alo yoga mat