May Beauty Round Up

Stylonylon Beauty Round Up It’s not often I introduce a new name to the skincare line-up. I generally stick to my tried and tested favourites and when I find something I like, I use it again and again…

This post contains products gifted for review. All views & photography my own. 
Stylonylon | Esse Skincare | Shot on Olympus


Rich Moisturiser | Repair Oil | Cream Mask | Eye Contour Cream 

So there isn’t too much room for new kids on the block. But then one comes along and knocks your socks off because it has something new and different to offer. And does so exquisitely executed packaging (I’m a sucker for nicely designed packaging but I don’t like it to be excessive and has to be easily recyclable). This is Esse Skincare. A certified organic, vegan and cruelty free range of creams and oils using probiotic microbes that bring your skin to life. Noticeably so and within just a few days in my experience.

I caveat this with saying my skin is probably fairly well-primed for a product like this due to the longterm use of a fantastic ranges of natural skincare (core longterm use brands – Pai, Dr Hauschka & Balance Me).

Having used a probiotic mist before to great effect, I was really quite excited and cleared use of all other creams and oils for a week to see how Esse worked on its own. What can I say, my skin loved, like an awakening of sorts, saying “Look at me, this is how good I can be!” It just seemed at optimum health and appearance, a couple of recently appeared broken blood vessels on my cheek satisfyingly fading away a little faster.Stylonylon | Esse Skincare | Shot on Olympus

The touch and the feel – perfect texture with an unusual but very captivated beige tint of the day cream – and the art deco-esque typeface on the brown glass pots have me totally converted. I’ve been using the Rich Moisturiser in the morning, Cream Mask in the bath, the Eye Contour Cream twice a day and Repair Night Oil before. And I’m fully converted, loving how my skin is responding. To work in with the other products I love to use and as Esse is a slightly higher price point for me, I’m giving myself two or three days straight Esse a week to give my skin a regular boost of probiotic goodness. Highly recommend! 

Stylonylon | Disciple London | Shot on Olympus

Disciple Skincare

Dreamy Skin | Miracle Drops CBD Oil | Juicy Serum 

This lovely London brand Disciple was where I first discovered the calming use of CBD oil. Great for moments of anxiety, and recently when I’ve felt a headache coming on it’s the first thing  reach for. For me, CBD oil has a subtle calm effect and works best if I’m making a concerted effort to change my mood by shutting down for a moment to deep breathe, and then you can almost feel it seeping into your system.

Breathing calmly and just being quiet either sitting or lying down are the optimal conditions for its use I find. And then it really kicks in. I use the Miracle Drops as a few drops under the tongue for headaches and if I can’t sleep. But t I know you can use it on the skin too for skincare purpose, however for skin I turn to Disciple’s gently aromatic Dreamy Skin oil which is a treat to apply and the newly released Vitamin C based Juicy Serum which I use as an nourishing night-time treatment before applying oil.

Stylonylon | Balance Me | Shot on Olympus

Balance Me

Super Moisturising Body Wash | Beauty Sleep CBD Concentrate

And now back to some of my longterm favourites and a product I am absolutely obsessed with right now, the Beauty Sleep CBD roller by Balance Me. Its roller can be used on pulse points or under the eyes, and scented with essential oils it is just perfect to breathe in deep and… relax.

The first time I used it was just before a yoga session and it was such a wonderful aide I now use it every time before my half hour session, along with a The Small Home candle. And, of course, every night before bed. It’s become one of those things that if I can’t see it nearby by, I start to panic. Yes, one of those.

Equally delicious to breathe in at just the right time, first thing in the morning, is Balance Me’s sulphate free Super Moisturising Body Wash with yarrow & shea butter. And it soaps up incredibly well! The perfect shower start to the day! The body wash came as part of one the lovely gift sets Balance Me have been doing, which they’ve also been sending out to key workers during the crisis. 

Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka | Shot on Olympus

Dr Hauschka

Regenerating Hand Cream | Regenerating Oil Serum 

There was a time I couldn’t work out why you would need a hand cream. Ah the blissful ignorance of youth. Now my 42-year-old hands are well, beginning to look like 42-year-old hands. In an effort to halt the progression and to condition what I currently have, yes, I now keep hand creams to hand at various stations around the house. This Dr Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream does the job tremendously, hydrating that back of hand cream to point of well, looking like it used to.

Stylonylon | Dr Hauschka | Shot on Olympus
In fact the whole Regenerating range is one I am extremely reliant on, for face too, and in particular, but by no means limited to (I use the Regenerating Day Cream too) is this light but also sticky, but in an absorbent way, Oil Serum which again, just helps you skin look more like it used. Thankyou Dr Hauschka for your continued care of our moving-through-times skin. And I love the illustrations that go with the beautifully fragranced lemongrass soap, once of my favourite scents right now! (Part of a Spring gift set along with a lovely Lemongrass Body Milk, super refreshing!).
Stylonylon | Bramley | Shot on Olympus


Little B Hand Wash 

Handwashing is such big part of lives now, every sink needs a constant supply and some littles and larges even like to have their own. Bramley’s new Little B hand wash is just for kids and that suits Gus very well – like any aged human, little ones too like to have things just for them! And this is natural and gentle but still cleans.


Stylonylon |Jurlique | Shot on Olympus


Restoring Hand Wash 

For mama, anything rose scented is a winner, and Jurlique have a beautifully scented and quite intoxicating range of which this Restoring Hand Wash is part of. There’s something about the rose scent in beauty products that just makes me feel so grown-up!