Sunday Edit | A Face Mask, Statement Earrings & Gin!

Stylonylon | Genevieve Sweeney socks | The Small Home | Les 100 Ciels

Finally the Sunday Edit is back! I love doing these – a curated edit of some of the favourite pieces I’ve been sent to try out and have been enjoying using… 

Stylonylon | Les 100 Ciels face mask

First up, a face mask! Mandatory now throughout the UK in shops and on public transport, there are so many about and it’s an item we’re going to need to get familiar with and comfortable wearing. Learning that nose clips can help with glasses steaming up, that how they fit around you head matters (I prefer ones that slip over the ears to ones that fasten around the lower back part of your head!) and also how to use them properly – day-to-day I keep a 70% alcohol spray to hand to spritz over mine front and back and leave to dry somewhere removed. 

This chocolate anti-bacterial brown silk one is from Les 100s Ciels – it’s a nice comfy fit with a nano inner which helps aid in the filtering out of small particles (0.1 micron) and a space for slipping an extra filer (see more here). The inner lining fits around the chin fairly snugly – you can see a picture of me wearing it here. They come in a range of colours and patterns

I think it’s worth bearing in mind that these are functional public health items and not purely style items – I think some people can’t get over how they actually look on, ie. not amazing! Although I do think that’s down to the individual, I really don’t mind how they look tbh! Either way, I think we’re going to be wearing them for quite some time to come, so good to find one you like! 

Les 100 Ciels face masks

*This post contains some items gifted for review and affiliate links 
Stylonylon | The Small Home

Being my birthday month I’ve treated myself to some of the lovely homewares over at The Small Home. I know I say this often, but founder and owner Ayshea’s taste is quite exquisite and everything she picks is guaranteed to be a really beautiful, handmade long-lasting piece. 

The new glass vases – handmade in Spain from 100% recycled glass, each piece unique – are a case in point and I bought a couple of these origami ones, one in blush and a larger one in smoke. They are stunning pieces that are enough of a focal point for a table or shelf all on their own. They are just as charming empty too! See the whole range here.

The Small Home origami vase

Stylonylon | Moja Jewels earrings

My wonderful friend Sas has recently launched a small jewellery business making fun, statement earrings from polymer clay, Moja Jewels. I’ve been finding her light-hearted, colourful designs the perfect way to add a bit of zing to a low-key outfit, typically jumper or jeans for me… 

Great for Zoom meetings and also for making you feel just that little bit more done up when working from home. They come in at £15 and it’s nice to have a few different colours to choose from to match your outfit. You can see more of Sas’s designs over on the Moja Jewels Instagram and at her Etsy shop too. The 80s style pink squares above are selling fast – available here

Moja Jewels pink squares and black squares earrings 


Stylonylon | Earl of East Onsen bath range

Earl of East is a wonderful little boutique over in Hackney, just a five minute walk from Mare Street. A gorgeous space, where they also run workshops (see what’s on here), they also stock some of my favourite brands, including Paradise Row and Hay. 

Just launched is their gorgeously scented Japanese inspired new bathing collection – above is the Onsen scent and I am already addicted to the fresh and enlivening eucalyptus, peppermint and mandarin of the range. They also have just launched an equally fresh and upbeat hand sanitiser, made with essential oils and organic denatured alcohol, which I keep spraying because I love the smell so much! 

Earl of East Onsen range 

Stylonylon | Les 100 Ciels knit kit

You may have noticed over on Instagram Stories, I’ve been knitting ALOT lately! I find it so incredibly therapeutic, and at any time of day. In bed, first thing in the morning listening to the news on my headphones, late afternoon with a cuppa or winding down listening to an audiobook or podcast. 

This hat design is from the swan Les 100 Ciels bobble hat knit kit and is one I’ve now knitted up about five times in different wools! It makes a really comfy, chunky (but not too chunky!) beanie that really suits every head size and shape! I’ve made them for the whole family.

The first one I made was with the wool from the Les 100 Ciels kit, but I’ve moved on to using chunky Wool & The Gang Crazy Sexy wool and this latest one is with a less chunky wool (Lana Grossa Feltro) and it’s come out really well too, I think! I buy my wools from Love Crafts, they have a huge selection of wool, needles and accessories and -always arrives quickly.

Les 100 Ciels Knit Kit | Lana Grossa Feltro wool


Stylonylon | Tinkture rose gin

Ah gin! I’m not a big gin drinker – I usually stick to my one (or two!) glass of red wine a day at suppertime – but I couldn’t resist a cocktail hour sip of something that comes in a bottle as beautiful as this…

Organic and distilled by hand, this Cornish gin from Tinkture has a hint of citrus and with tonic turns pink! It’s a light and heady dream to drink and the perfect way to see out the end of the day, as the evening starts to come on. Cheers m’dears! 

Tinkture Cornish rose gin 

Stylonylon | Genevieve Sweeney socks

I’m such a big fan of Genevieve Sweeney’s knitted designs – made slowly and on beautiful big machines. Her jumpers are among my favourites and last years, keeping their shape and timeless look.

I’ve only recently tried her wonderful socks and they are gorgeous to pull on – this pair is a wool design and is beyond beautiful – I say this from the perspective of someone who is hand-knitting a lot of socks at the moment! Check out the incredible range here... I’ve also been loving wearing this striped viscose cotton blend.

Genevieve Sweeney wool socks