Awesome New iPad App for Pinterest: Bazaart

Well, I do like a new app, although this is one currently only available for iPad. Bazaart has created an amazing interface which allows you to select Pinterest pins and collage them all together to publish on Pinterest and then share. And it really works – it is ridiculously easy to select your pins, move them around, resize, cut out and bring forward. Ok, so my first one (entitled Feline + Cosmic + Florals) isn’t that amazing – I’ve never been that good with visual layout tbh. There are so many more fun/inspiring ones being posted all the time here at Bazaart on Pinterest. But does that really matter when it’s so much fun? Goodbye photoshop, hello Bazaart. Follow me on Pinterest here –

Feline + Cosmic + Floral
Soludos espadriles (style passport)
Liberty teapot
Lulu Guiness x Uniqlo t-shirt
Topshop leggings
Joanna Cave bracelets
Liberty fabric

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  1. You are so very right, Julia. We love that you have tried this, figured it out, realize it is easy peasy and given a tidy, short review. Bazaart says that it makes us more artsy and less fartsy. Some of us really needed that. Thanks for the review and the links. We will follow and watch you grow more artsy. – Tammie, Bazaart Community Manager

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