Interview: Pose co-founder Alisa Gould-Simon

Interview: Pose co-founder Alisa Gould-Simon

stylonylon interviews Alisa Gould-Simon

Former fashion writer Alisa Gould-Simon and her business partner Dustin Rosen joined forces in 2011 to release a beta version of style and photo sharing app Pose. With stylist Rachel Zoe, the senior fashion director of Barney’s and super blogger Leandre Medine of Man Repeller on board, the app now has more than 1 million users worldwide and 10,000 photos uploaded daily. (I joined recently and after being featured amassed more than 4000 followers in a weekend – amazing!). The Los Angeles based Alisa tells us more and talks us through her style. 

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What inspired you to start Pose?
I teamed up with Dustin Rosen, Pose’s CEO and my co-founder, nearly two years ago. We both were looking to change the way that people discovered and consumed fashion. Dustin has a background in finance and technology, whereas I come from a fashion journalism and marketing background, so we were a pretty perfect match. We realized that photos (and in our case, tagged images) could be a highly effective way of broadcasting your personal and daily style to followers from around the world. So, we built this in the form of an app and have been going full-steam ahead ever since.

What role do fashion, photography and styling play in your life?
Fashion has always played a huge role in my life. From the time I was 5, I remember being picky about what I wore. From an early age (much to my mother’s dismay), I felt very connected to fashion as a means of expressing myself and a fun way of developing an individual voice. Styling and photography have always been big sources of inspiration for me, especially in looking at fashion and design from decades past.  

Have you been shopping for your autumn/winter wardrobe? 
This winter I’ve been loving oversized knits – my favorites are from Madewell and Vince; over-skinny pants – Zara has a pair of faux leather cropped ones that I can’t seem to take off. I’m pretty obsessed with my Veda leather jackets and a shrunken varsity jacket I recently picked up at their sample sale. And Rag & Bone (Newbury), Loeffler Randall and Zara (flat buckle) booties are my daily go-tos. I also just got two hats (a wide brim and a chambray and leopard print cap) from my favorite milliner and good friend Molly Yestadt of Yestadt Millinery.

What key pieces of clothing and accessories can’t you live without?
My boyfriend recently got me a Gabriela Artigas knot ring that I wear every day. His sister has a line called The Hellers and the Alisa dress that she did last season has become my staple for fashion week, weddings and any excuse I have to dress up. If my apartment caught fire I’d probably try to rescue a few key designer shoes I’ve collected over the years, but all of it I imagine I could live without.

What is on your shopping wishlist right now?
I’m in the market for some cozy, lightweight t-shirts. I also might need to add to my Gabriela Artigas ring collection…

Interview: Pose co-founder Alisa Gould-Simon

Interview: Pose co-founder Alisa Gould-Simon
1. Alisa dress by The Hellers 2. Leather jacket by Veda 3. Love knot ring by Gabriela Artigas  
4. Booties by Loeffler Randall  5. Booties with buckles by Zara 6. Newbury booties by Rag & Bone 
7. Hat by Yestadt Milinery

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