Stocking Fillers: Pretty Reasonable vs. Totally Outrageous

Stocking Fillers: Pretty Reasonable vs. Totally Outrageous

A few more stocking filler ideas. The ones on the left are, as stated, pretty reasonable price-wise, whereas, on the right… well, let’s just say you’d need to be pretty cash happy. But nice to know what’s out there, right?

1. Cute little tin of 10 of Penhaligon’s most popular scents including Lily of the Valley and Blenheim Bouquet  for men and women. The Scent Library they call it, which lured me in hook, line and sinker. £16

2. Estee Lauder solid perfume in a golden compact. Well, it is refillable, you know. Also there is quite a trade on eBay in these as collectors’ items too. Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia £250

3. A vintage-inspired pill box of organic lip balm with mirror. By Liberty (the print is white floral Edenham) and even more of a ‘pretty reasonable’ as you can get 3 for the price of 2 until midnight Thursday 20th as part of the store’s 12 Days of Christmas Offers. Just enter the code 12dayscompact at checkout. Edenham Lip Balm Compact £18

4. Outrageous not just in price, but in concept. This is a ring that is also a compact mirror. I’m not sure why but there’s something so much more flamboyant about checking your reflection in a mirror on your ring than in a regular old compact. By Maison Martin Margiela at Net-a-Porter. Gold tone compact ring £315

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  1. Yes, the Estee Lauder solid perfume compacts are amazing – loads of beautiful vintage ones on eBay… at a price! Wonderful thing to collect though! And Liberty can pretty much do now wrong – this lip balm compact is sooo sweet x

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