How To DIY A Wash-Out Dip Dye Sock Bun

Ok, I’m really the last person who should be doing a hair post. I never wear my hair down, I rarely brush it, only occasionally wash it… My everyday strategy is to create a scraped back messy scarecrow bun that just about passes my own personal standards, probably not the rest of the world’s. However, since I was a teenager, when I first cut my hair short, I have been mad about hair colour – from white blonde, harlequin purple & red to every type of highlight, I pretty much did it all – except, what with growing my hair long so I wouldn’t have to colour it while pregnant, I totally missed out on the dip dye fad. And that really bugs me, so much so that I’m considering getting it done for real, real soon. But in the meantime, I thought I’d try these Colour Xtreme Hair Art sprays (samples kindly sent – thankyou!). I won’t lie, I wouldn’t say the results were amazing. I tried the red, then the black. I think you really need lighter hair for the colour to really take, in which case I would totally go for pink or mix red and white as this, for me, is by far the coolest dip dye look. But still it was fun, and I quite like the results. Fyi I sprayed the ends with a towel around my shoulder, then I pony-tailed, rolled on my cut-off sock, tucked in my hair, pinned and added an elastic band around it all. Then I sprayed some more. It feels like a really heavy hairspray, so quite stiff – as if my hair wasn’t birds nesty enough 🙂 I’m thinking a couple of shampoos to wash out. If you want a more visual guide on how to do a sock bun, check out this video tutorial by Beauty Woo Me.

Available from Boots £2.99

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  1. I like the red bun, though I know what you mean about the heavy feel of the spray. 
    I recently ‘reverse-ombred’ my hair by dyeing the ends (I’m usually dark blonde) a coppery bright red colour. I really liked it and it gets better as it fades, going pinky red on the ends!

  2. That sounds really nice! I think faded pink is best look all round – just need to figure out how to do it. I might go and grab some white spray to mix in with the red. Need a bit more practice too I think! 

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