Fashion Bloggers’ Delight aka My Macaron Migraine

Fashion Bloggers' Delight AKA My Macaron Migraine

If you read enough fashion blogs you’ll have noticed the obsession with what I’m guessing, thank God, can rightly be called the new cupcake (never got the cupcake thing). Oh-so-pretty French macarons with whipped egg whites and ground almonds. To be honest, as a dedicated eater of dark chocolate and rhubarb crumble, I hadn’t really bought into this new patisserie favourite, but hey, live a little right? And the fifty odd or so flavours looked so pretty lined up in their cabinet. Did you know that some are alcoholic? Spot the light pink champagne one in the corner – decadent or what. Needless to say, they are scrummy, the nutty filling and meringue-like sandwiching both chockful of sugar. Lots of sugar. I am now suffering a serious sugar-induced macaron migraine. But I did manage to take these pics before scoffing them all, which is the other reason I imagine fashion bloggers love them so – they take as good a picture as they taste. Is that even a sentence? I need to go and lie down. Again. You’ve been warned. (These came from L’orchidée in Westfield Stratford; from what I understand the best to be had are from Laudrée.)

Fashion Bloggers' Delight AKA My Macaron Migraine

Fashion Bloggers' Delight AKA My Macaron Migraine

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  1. Whenever I’m in Paris, I have a wee bit of a macaron problem…I’m partial to Carette – but that may be because they’re tucked into the Place des Vosges and I think the setting quite possibly makes them taste better…
    But – apparently there’s a ‘new macaron’…the cream puff. Popelini is the new hot spot for tiny pastries.
    In the interest of research, I tried several of both on my last visit. The jury is still out. Perhaps a re-test is required…


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