London Fashion Week + FelderFelder AW13 On Vine

Shades of red, orange. Silver, gold and wet look #felderfelder #lfw
— Stylonylon (@juliarebaudo) February 15, 2013

Let’s please talk about Vine and how much I love it! It’s so completely addictive, although I didn’t quite get it at first. But it only took a few tries to get the hang of it – it’s super easy to make a six second video of absolutely anything (I am in extreme awe of the dedicated #stopanimation Viners who create captivating little clips of things I could never come up with). Anyway, it’s fun, easy and brings in the results which is perfect for events like London Fashion Week – heady little snippets of the action, the style and the buzz is what people love about fashion week and this is just what Vine provides. Here are two of my videos from LFW Day 1 – the now infamous FelderFelder queue (the filming’s a bit jerky, sorry about that!) in Somerset House and the screening room for all those bods turned away from the actual show itself… Take a look and if you like it, come follow me on Vine – I’m stylonylon – and I’ll follow right back. Make sure to leave your tag in the comments. 🙂

#felderfelder queue #lfw #fall13
— Stylonylon (@juliarebaudo) February 15, 2013

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