General Coolness From Concept Store L’Avant Gardiste – A Dream Outfit

General Coolness From L'Avant Gardiste - Dream Weekend Outfot
1. Leopard sweater 2. Sunglasses 3. Baguette ring 4. Nebula leggings 5. Suede booties
Love Twitter for discovering new fashion – this is French concept store L’Avant Gardiste, who followed me the other day, and that follow has made my weekend. Styling up a dream outfit is just the way to pass the time when the snowflakes are relentlessly falling outside. It seems they (the store, not the snowflakes) employ quite a strict curation of brands and to great effect. Their mix of espadrilles, jellybean and burger sweaters, friendship bracelets and retro watches will appeal to the cool kid hiding inside every adult. For me, the galaxy leggings, moccasins and big cat sweater tick my boxes. LOVE. Something for the weekend – my dream outfit. Yes, please. 

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