Interview – Jewellery Designer Rachel Jackson of Cinderela B

Rachel and her pup Rafferty

Stylonylon interviews jewellery designer Rachel Jackson

Founded in 2006 by Rachel Jackson, Cinderela B started out as a stall in east London’s Spitalfields market. Completely self-taught, Rachel made the leap into jewellery design after an inspiring year travelling in South America. Handmade and inspired by exotic creatures and insects, the jewellery was quickly picked up by UK and international stockists enabling Rachel to grow her business – today she employs a team of young fashion graduates and has a showroom in Brick Lane. Here, Rachel tells us a little about that inspiring year and her personal style.

What inspired you to start your jewellery line?
I was travelling in South America in 2006 and I met a very special lady called Cinderela Brancante and her son Ale in Brazil. Never in my life had I met anyone that loved life and made the most of it, like they did. Ale could sail a boat, fly a plane, play the guitar, Cinderela was a lawyer, she had travelled the world, designed her own stunning house, and made beautiful jewellery too. And whilst they had money when I met them, they didn’t start out with any. They learnt and achieved everything by teaching themselves – by reading books and having the passion and courage to follow all of their dreams. Whilst staying with the Brancantes, I tapped into a passion for jewellery making – I would sit with Cinderela for hours whilst she taught me, and that was where the dream to have my own jewellery label began. My background was working in TV production, so a million miles away from jewellery making! But the Brancante family made me believe that you can achieve anything in life that you really want, if you try hard enough.

Does your initial vision match what you have achieved today?

Describe your favourite piece of jewellery and tell us why it is so special to you?  
A mid-length vintage gold chain necklace with an oval pendant with a flower on it and coloured beads attached in different places along the length of the chain. I bought it from a gorgeous independent boutique in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina – one of the most beautiful shopping districts in the world. It was the first piece of jewellery I fell in love with – and I wore it to death, with everything. A month later I met Cinderela in Brazil and she taught me how to make such jewellery – and there the seed for the Cinderela B signature style was sown!

What key pieces of clothing and accessories can’t you live without? 
My Gap boyfriend jeans, plain Ts from Whistles, cream silk blouse from Second Female, chunky knit scarf, my new Cinderela B gold hummingbird necklace.

What’s on you shopping wish list right now? 
Some new designer shades for a summer holiday in Bali.

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