Fashion Blogging Tips – What Camera I Use For Outfit Posts

So, nothing like a bit of vlogging to take your blog to another dimension…

Here I talk you through the camera equipment I use for shooting outfit posts. Please note, I am nothing more than an extremely enthusiastic amateur finding a way through trial and error – though I did write this piece on shooting photos for your blog for XOJane a little while ago. Nonetheless, I thought it might be interesting (I hope!) to give you an insight into the equipement I use. I went with Canon purely because a good friend had a Canon DSLR and got amazing results. I have since read that Canon cameras give a slightly warmer look – while Nikon results are cooler – so better for shooting outfits and portraits. My Canon is an old model which you can probably only find second-hand, the current version is the Canon 550d. I should also mention that the remote I use is a cheapie from eBay which works just fine, as proper Canon ones seem to be extremely expensive. Anyway, if this goes well, there may be some more fashion tips videos on the way. Let me know if you enjoy it, leave me a comment and be the first to subscribe to my You Tube channel.

Fashion Blogging Tips - What Camera I Use For Outfit Posts

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    1. Thanks Natastha! 🙂 yes, of course it’s lovely to have top of the range equipment but I think you can get by just fine with second-hands from eBay and just a couple of lens x

  1. Sorry to be commenting like crazy today but I’ve fallen behind in my blog reading and you’ve been posting some great content! Could you be any cuter??!!!! It’s always so interesting to see a vlog by a blogger you’ve been reading. I’ll be sure to check out your YouTube channel. I have one as well because last August I did the VEDA (vlog everyday in August) You should definitely do this, you’re a natural.


    1. Hey Melissa – a big thankyou for all the comments! It’s so lovely to get feedback. Yes, I really enjoyed doing the video. I’ll definitely check VEDA out, I really like the idea of doing some more vlogging. xx

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