Fashion For Home – Home Love Photo Contest

Fashion For Home - Home Love Photo Contest

I’ve been waiting to take this picture for a while…

Waiting for the sun to come out, waiting for an afternoon to myself. The photo is an entry for a competition over at Fashion For Home – the lovely Holly & Trish from We Heart Home are on the panel of judges. The criteria is simply post a photo of an area in your home your love and write a little about it. Originally I was going to photograph a bookcase in our sitting room made out of bricks with a favourite painting above it, but then I realised this little corner had so many things of meaning in it. So we have a second-hand very honky tonk piano which was a birthday present – I can’t tell you how many power ballad sessions have been bashed out on those keys. Atop, a vintage lamp stand which I adore paired with a hand-printed shade. My newish (Christmas present) very grown up sewing box from Liberty (see my post An Elysian Sewing Box Rite of Passage) and the long box to the right is a pianola score – the Marriage of Figaro, a Christmas to my husband bought from one of my favourite east London boutiques Comfort Station. The rocking chair, from the same second-hand store as the lamp, was bought when I was pregnant and last, but not least, a quilt and matching cushion handmade by my fabulous quilt-making mother. Oh, yes, and the framed prints were bought by my grandfather – he died before I was born, so it’s nice to have something to connect to him. For UK residents only, the competition is open until April 18th. You just need to have a blog to enter, and the prize is a whopping £500 to spend on your home! If you do enter, let me know in the comments below, I’d love to see your post!