Outfit Post: Is Your Outfit For Real? (And a £10 Dress)

Outfit Post: Remember This Dress From the Nelly £10 Sale!

I’ve been meaning to photograph this dress for a while…

It was one of two from a pretty amazing sale of £10 dresses at Nelly.com a couple of months of ago. Needless to say, I snapped up two. This one is Savannah Miller’s label Savannah. I’ve teamed it with a vintage snakeskin bag – love how the snakeskin echoes the dress’s print – vintage jewellery and my favourite pair of heels at the moment, by Next. I won’t pretend this is what I was slinking about in today, it’s actually outfit planning for a (rare) swanky dinner party next week, which I’m led to believe a rather iconic Studio 54 legend will be attending. I won’t tell you who just now, but maybe after. 😉 Not sure I can quite match her stratospheric star style, but I think this dress will do just nicely. Now to the (main) point of this post, there was an absolutely gorgeous snowy outfit post by Natasha and her boyfriend Callum from Girl in The Lens, where she comments on complaints about fashion bloggers not necessarily wearing the outfits they pose in for real. I think this happens quite a lot. But I don’t really see what the schtick is, a big part of loving fashion is about practice styling and dressing up and obviously part of the aim of photographing fashion is to inspire as well as incorporate fantasy, aspiration and, gasp, fun. This is what is so alluring about fashion photography, surely – and say what you like, but fashion bloggers, in an inspiring number of ways and styles, are producing what must qualify broadly as fashion photography. I do think also that it’s a mix – you get Outfit Of The Day posts (#ootd) which I always assume are what that blogger is actually wearing that day and then you get the dressed-up styling shoots. I hope that I manage to make it obvious which is which for me. At the moment, with a lot of babycare on my plate, let me tell you a little styling fun is a real luxury and a lovely change from the big sweater and yoga pants I’m sloping around in a lot of the time. How about you, what do you think? Should fashion bloggers only be posting outfits they are actually wearing on a given day? Or is it fun to see outfits for various occasions styled up too?

I’m wearing: Dress by Savannah @ Nelly.com (still on sale, just £25), Black pointed courts by Next, clutch and jewellery both vintage.

Outfit Post: Remember This Dress From the Nelly £10 Sale!

Outfit Post: Remember This Dress From the Nelly £10 Sale!

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  1. I think that the #ootd snapshots are a great peek into how style bloggers dress in everyday life…but there’s something about a well thought-out and executed ‘editorial’ type shoot that I love.
    I think that sites that have both are great, because you can see how the dream look comes together, and then how it’s reincarnated for actual wear.


    1. Yes! I totally agree, it is good to see both types of outfit posts. Both these things are part of everyone’s lives and do reflect how we interact with fashion! 🙂

  2. This is a gorgeous dress! Very flattering.

    I’ve never looked at a fashion blogger and thought, no, she wouldn’t really wear that?! I honestly couldn’t care less if it’s a real or manufactured outfit for a post. When I look at fashion blogs I’m looking at the colors, texture, etc and I’m hoping to find inspiration for myself.

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