The Dungaree Trend – Thoughts On Wearability

So, dungarees are hot right now, it seems to have been decreed…

I think Alexa Chung might have had something to do with it, and fashion bloggers are styling them up real nice and the even the Guardian is feting featuring them. And it’s obvious why. Double denim without the headache, cute 50s overall style, super comfy and ankle-exposing roll-ups. Except, really, how wearable are they? I can’t say for sure, since I’ve never tried a pair but my suspicion is that this is actually quite a hard trend to pull off without looking:

a) like a toddler
b) totally shapeless
c) not that feminine.

Working backwards. The ‘not that feminine’ point is something I’m always slightly aware of in clothes having had short hair for many years and being used to (and liking) a more androgynous look but aware that sometimes you can go too far and just fall flat on your face. My point is you need a girly barnet to wear these dungers. The ‘totally shapeless’ point is another one that is glaring for me, because, when you are petite (or just over five foot) wearing a long swathe of material isn’t that great if it’s not fitted. You get lost in it. I think you may need a bit of height to pull dungarees off properly. And the ‘toddler’ point I see is being addressed by wearers flashing a bit of skin at the waist, but I find that a tad in your face and not very subtle.

So overall (ha, sorry!), as cute as they look, my conclusion is that dungarees are of low wearability. This is, of course, made on no empirical grounds whatsoever. Someone wanna send me a pair to try out so I can prove myself wrong? What about you? Are you wearing dungarees? Would they work for you do you think?

ps. In case you’re wondering, the cute pair above are by Topshop.

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