Let’s Talk Sensible Summer Shoes, Girls!

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been drawn to the so-called fugly shoe. In a true man-repelling way… 

The Ugg, the Birkenstock, the clog, I’ve worn them all with pride to the horror of some of my more aesthetically sensitive boyfriends. (One of the reasons I adore my husband so much is he couldn’t care less about my sartorial choices, he’s one of the ‘You’d look beautiful in a binbag’ types. Ever so sweet really.) And really, I’m not just drawn to them for the anti-beauty but for, let’s be honest, the divine comfort such shoes can offer. Of the above, my current favourites are the Sun-San Saltwater sandals (bit late to that bandwagon, ahem) and the Birkenstocks. I own about three pairs of Birkenstocks in different styles and can still remember the hot London summer I first discovered them, to the joy of my feet – I was walking around London a lot back then. I remember the classic Scholl sandals from when I was little and my mother wearing them on holidays in Italy, and it was my nonna who rocked the now celeb-fave Worishofer granny sandal – they’re a bit on the edge, even for me. I have, though, secretly yearned for the classic Croc, and am pretty impressed by the new spring collection (they’ve cleverly had bloggers style up the new slingback and  multi-strap styles) but possibly one step too far, even for me, are the women’s fitflops and MBTs (also available at Mozimo) – I know it’s a fitness thing, but… Well, never say never! What about you? Where do you stand on the fugly summer shoes?

1. Worishofer granny sandal 2. Sun-San Saltwater sandal 3. Birkenstocks 4. Croc slingbacks 5. Scholl sandals 6. Crocs multi-strap 

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    1. Definitely! Keep them – I packed mine away for a while and was so pleased to find them, now I keep them out and ready to slip on for when the sun’s out and I’m just sloping around 😉 xx

  1. I totally love fugly shoes too! Unfortunately my husband Tom isn’t as forgiving as yours… he is a shoe fascist! We can both agree on Birkenstocks thank goodness…

    1. Phew! Yes, the Birkis are kind of like a classic now and I think are great with pretty dresses and denim! Ha, didn’t know that about Tom – hilarious!

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