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There’s a bit of a thing for friendship bracelets going on at the moment. Remember making them at school? I got really fast after a while…

And loved choosing the colours and how many rows to do. But I haven’t made one for years and now as an adult (will it ever stop feeling weird saying that?) I still love the charm of the friendship bracelet but am drawn to something a little better made, a little more quality. Enter the luxe friendship bracelet – I just made this up but I imagine it’s a thing already if one were to google it. (I just did, it’s a thing. There’s even an article in the Metro about it.)

Anyway, turns out one of my favourite London independent labels Suicide Blonde (I’ve posted about their accessories before here and here) have a new line in friendship bracelets with the coolest little skulls. And they’re rather special. The little skull heads are made of oxidised silver, the eyes are inset  with natural gemstones (hand-picked from Hatton Garden) and there are faceted Bohemian glass and silver beads and laser-engraved silver tags on the cord.

Keen to investigate these luxe friendship bracelets further, I was lucky enough to be lent Suicide Blonde’s new Reverie collection to have a play with (and choose a piece to keep!). And play I did. Jewellery is a funny thing, you develop a relationship with it through the trying on and seeing how it looks and feels on you. And the more I did, the more I realised quite how special and well-made these pieces are. In comparison to other shop-bought friendship bracelets I’ve had which have fallen apart.

These pieces are expensive but trust me when I say they do feel worth it. And how can you not fall in love with these big-eyed baby skulls? The collection also includes beautifully dyed silk threads with little silver skulls, skull and crossbones rings and pendant necklaces, also silver. These really are lovely pieces, so if you have a thing for skulls, look no further. You can buy the bracelets here and the rest of the collection will be available from August.

Ps. I chose the black skull bracelet, must be the inner teenage goth in me! The baby skull has the cutest biggest eyes.

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    1. So glad you like it! Yes, they’re really fun – am thinking about making some too! x

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