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I love an off the shoulder look but I never wear it. Mainly because I don’t have any suitable tops, but this wide-necked t-shirt works just fine…

And I like it all the better because it’s not an intended off the shoulder tee. Only intended by me. I guess the trick is to have a pretty bra strap on show when baring thine shoulder. This is one of my few, a Myla set from Liberty I think. The skirt is an old favourite, from a lovely little boutique called Relax Garden in Hoxton and actually in its former life was a dress. I snipped off the spaghetti strap top. It’s a little rough around the waistband, but I throw on a belt to distract the eye.

We’re off out to try out yet another newly re-furbished local pub and I’m feeling satiated yet excited as I’m finally bringing together (yet another) novel idea. Forming it and shaping the story and trying to get a sense of what it’s all about. Keep an eye out for #amwriting on my Twitter. More like #waswriting or #shouldbewriting…

Wearing Zara top (similar here), Relax Garden skirt, Zara wedges (seem to be sold out) and Gogo Philip necklace.

Stylonylon - UK fashion blog Stylonylon - UK fashion blog Stylonylon - UK fashion blog Stylonylon - UK fashion blog Stylonylon - UK fashion blog

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    1. Thanks Kylie! Yes, it was sort of last minute. But loving how the t-shirt worked out. Ah, thanks. Yes, finding it really hard to get focused on writing. Blogging is such a great distraction… πŸ˜‰ xx

  1. Ah thanks Alla! Yes, it’s become one of my wardrobe staples! Young Adult is the genre, but been dithering within that, I love dystopian but have be trying to write something more straight! I have a really good agent, I just need to write that best-selling novel now! πŸ™‚

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