How To Dress For Autumn

How To Dress For Autumn

Autumn is soon upon us folks, and if you’re anything like me – that is, a bit OCD about wardrobe planning – you like to know what you’ll be wearing…

I’m not suggesting a whole new wardrobe, far from it! I’m taking a look at the power of a statement coat or jacket and how, with that in hand, you can just relax. I’ve chosen a basic outfit made up of items I’m pretty sure most of us can find in our wardrobes – a pair of skinnies, a posh vest, ankle boots and a favourite piece of jewellery – and dressed it up with three different styles of autumn coat.

Let’s be clear, I’m talking early autumn here, before the plunge into the real cold when bulking up with woollies is the only way to go. Take advantage of those early transitional weeks and throw a gorgeous coat over your late summer outfit while dashing out the house…


How To Dress For Autumn

For my basics, I’ve chosen my trusty Ash Jalouse suede ankle boots (this mauve pair is a few seasons old, but you can get current Ash Jalouse in black, tan and grey), a pair of Topshop vintage style Moto skinnies (these fit like a dream, the stretch is brilliant), a Topshop drape back vest and an old vintage chain. Could hardly be simpler!

AutumnTheFauxFurFirst up, one of my favourite looks, the shaggy faux fur. It’s boho and rock chic in equal parts – you just know the girl wearing it is already having a good time! I saw loads of these at LFW in February this year – especially the yeti ones like this – and practically every AW13 press day I attended had a version too, so you’ll be seeing a lot of these around this autumn. Paired with skinnies it’s a short-cut to cool gal chic.

Jarlo Faux FurJarlo Faux Fur
Jacket – AW13 Jarlo

Similar styles by FarfetchTopshop, Stars by Jonas Hallberg (, Kenneth Cole



Rawr! I wouldn’t usually go with an animal print on a whole coat, but this classic Crombie style has such a cool, faded look I couldn’t resist. I spotted it at a recent press day (as did quite a few other bloggers!) and it reminded me of extremely chic university girls I used to know who carried off this style so perfectly. Fit is everything with this type of coat, especially around the shoulders, but once you’ve found the right one, you’re onto a winner. And maybe this is just the Italian in me, but never forget the power of shoulder-robing or an upturned collar!

Next Animal Print CoatJarlo Faux Fur

Animal print coat – available from Next

Similar styles by Maxmara Studio, TopshopM&S & Hobbes



Ok, I admit, this is completely new territory for me. I’ve seen the cape making inroads the last couple of autumns and I just haven’t been sure. It’s always felt a bit too twee for me. But then I saw this pink number (so sixties!) and immediately reconsidered. Let’s be honest, a cape cuts a pretty striking and strong silhouette and immediately transforms the wearer into someone oozing the double whammy of both elegance and confidence. No bad thing. So, hear me now, capes are cool! Give one a go.


Cape – AW13 Jarlo

Similar styles by Cooper & Strollbrand (ASOS), Glam-net Wondaland, Marni 

A big thanks to Ellie at Next and Cass at Push PR for lending me the sample coats & cape for this piece!


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