Style Inspiration – Mens Watches by Shine By Three

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I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this gorgeous double watch styling in mens sizes by Shine by Three

It makes me want to reconsider my abandonment of watches the day mobile phones came into our lives – can you remember life without them? Almost inconceivable, isn’t it! Anyway, it’s worth remember they’re a great accessory, especially when so cleverly co-ordinated with bracelets. And two, to wear two! The sheer craziness, it just would never have occurred to me!

So, these babies are Larsson & Jennings, not too crazily priced (for a watch, what do watches even cost these days? I’ve no idea) and you can get similar round-faced styles by Tissot or from Mr Porter. Or if you really want to splash out but keep it a bit smaller and more feminine there is this selection of Cartier watches for women. How about you? Are you a watch-wearer or coming back round to the idea?

Photo credit – Shine By Three


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    1. Yes! Like the clocks in our kitchen, rarely set to the right time. I don’t even look at them for time, just as nice pieces. Weird, how our brains get retrained… !

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