DIY Tutorial – How To Do A Scarf Bun


I saw this look had been done at one of the NYFW shows and thought it was perfect for bun-wearing ladies like myself…

I wore this while shooting street style at the weekend and thought I’d do a quick photo tutorial on how to do a scarf bun.
It’s super easy; if you’re not a perfectionist. An extra pair of hands could help you achieve a much neater and slicker look. But this slightly messy, lop-sided look suits me just fine.

1. First up, source yourself a scarf – mine is vintage c/o my local thrift shop Mero Retro.

2. Put your hair in a ponytail. I gave mine a spray first with my hair staple Batiste dry shampoo to absorb any oiliness.

3. Fold the scarf from both sides so you avoid any tails poking out.

4. Tie the scarf over your hair band. I pulled it quite tight.

5. Now using both hands cross-wrap your ponytail with the scarf as far as it will go and secure at the end with a knot.

6. Coil it round and pin with kirby grips – I used about five longish ones. I also loosened my hair at the roots as it had pulled quite tight in the ponytail.

7. Voila, you have your scarf bun!

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  1. hi Julia,
    I’ve worn vintage scarves in many different ways but I’d never tried a scarf bun.
    Think it’s the perfect time for me to try this to show off my asymmetrical undercut! 🙂

    Sanju xxx

    1. Hi Sangu – undercuts are so cool! I’d love to it! 🙂 Yes, really enjoying the scarf bun, it’s so easy and a great way to use a scarf xx

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