The What I See Project

What I See Project

Earlier this summer, I was asked to take part in an inspiring women’s project called What I See… 

Conceived by businesswoman and entrepreneur Edwina Dunn, to date the non-profit project has showcased more than 500 video contributions from women in more than 350 countries answering the question “What do you see in the mirror?” An exploration of women’s perceptions and self-expression, the idea is to celebrate everyday women telling their stories as well as create a body of inspirational real-life female role models to draw upon.

Project ambassadors include Martha Lane Fox (video), make-up artist Liz Collinge and artist Eileen Cooper as well as Labour and Conservative MPs – 10 short documentaries will be released exploring the thoughts and feelings of these women culminating in a screening at The Science Museum on October 1. I’ve already spent quite a bit of time checking out the other videos and it’s quite addictive, snapshots of women of different ages, nationalities, personalities – from outgoing and gregarious, to shy and more reticent.

To win a chance of attending the launch event with yours truly, all you have to do is submit your own ‘What I See’ video to the website. It can be any length, filmed anywhere and don’t worry too much about quality. I filmed mine at home. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to say and then just got going! You can check out my (rather serious, actually!) video here, featured on the What I See homepage for all of today.

Anyway, as I’m part of 100 communicators who were asked to take part and today is my day to blog about the project, I must now pass you on the next contributor and communicator in line who is Julie Creffield of The Fat Girl’s Guide To Running.

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