A Shower Curtain For Animal Lovers

A Shower Curtain For Animal Lovers

I just couldn’t resist showing you our new shower curtain! The leopard print is huge and just incredibly awesome, giving our little bathroom a brand new lease of life…

I splashed out on this one – our last one which cost all of £12.99 didn’t last as a many months, so I thought I better up the ante, haha. Is £24.99 on a shower curtain about right? The fabric and reinforced hook holes should last longer on this one, fingers crossed. Anyway, wish I had more than one shower as Spirella do a zebra as well. (The leopard seems to be sold out on Amazon where I bought it). Gus just stands in the bathroom roaring at it, so already well worth it!

Just a short post, this one. I’m relaxing now as my Christmas shopping is finally coming together. Off to the Camden Lock Christmas night market tomorrow to pick up a few more bits – keep an eye out for my market gift guide which will be up in the next couple of day for my favourite picks. How’s your Christmas shopping going? All sorted yet?

A Shower Curtain For Animal Lovers A Shower Curtain For Animal LoversA Shower Curtain For Animal Lovers

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