Happy New Yoga Year!

Happy New Yoga Year! | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon | Stylus 1

So, we made it! Another year. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has stopped by my little corner of the internet – I hope you enjoy spending time here and are looking forward to more to come!

As for resolutions, I seem to remember making a whole load last year, but, let’s be honest, who looks back to see where they fell short? But this year I’ve decided to focus on only one and really make it work, the benefits being multiple in terms of health and mind. And I’m proud to say I’ve already started implementing it – bringing yoga back into my life.

Yoga used to play a big part in my weekly schedule, but the onset of motherhood has meant it’s taken a back seat. I would do it, but (*cliche whine*) there just never seems to be enough time. But it’s about making the time, and half an hour at home is achievable if I prioritise it. I use Gaia and there I tend to stick to a handful of favourite videos. It comes in about £6 a month and is completely worth it!

For me, it sorts out all the aches and pains associated with hauling a growing toddler around; it helps my posture, which seems more inclined to slouch then ever at the moment; it keeps me trim, since I seem to have developed quite a serious chocolate and chocolate biscuit habit of late; it calms my busy mind, I’m always in a slight panic about getting things done all the time and being organised and tidy enough when really I should just chill a little. The daily half hour I’ve been doing so far has helped with all these things and I’m almost getting to that point where my body needs it, which is the best feeling ever! To aid my endeavours, I’ve decided to buy some lovely scented candles to burn while practising. I’ve been thinking Diptique, but they are so expensive! Any you’d recommend?

What about you? What are your resolutions this year? Do you make many or just one? Or not at all? Any which way, have a fantastic new year!

Ps. Hope you like the photo! Taken on a Skye beach after scrawling in the sand!

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  1. Cannot agree more with your comments on Yoga – this time last year I had set out to practice daily and did just that for the first few months…..until work got too busy and it fell by the wayside (sooo guilty of falling into this habit). Have restarted with an app for my ipad and am loving the benefits already. I always burn candles when practicing, I use aromatherapy ones as they are soy based and smell lovely but not expensive.
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    1. Sounds lovely! Yes, so much easier doing it at home rather than classes. I’m aiming for every day, which will realistically become 4-5 times a week, which would be a huge improvement! Happy new year! 🙂 x

  2. A lovely resolution for the New Year. A little bit more yoga is on my list too. And meditation.

    Eating better is my main goal. (i.e less sugar!). Then everything else falls in to place. I wake earlier, read and exercise more, stress levels go down, look better etc. Also, hoping the stork will be kind to us in 2014, so optimum health is key!

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational world with us. Happy New Year!

    PS. How are you getting on with Soapwallah? I’m also on a quest for the best natural deodrant. Crystals etc are great, but you need something to soak up moisture as well.

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