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So many photo apps out there, right? Well, let me simplify matters and bring you a little guide to the ones I’m loving and using right now…

Dubble – First up, and my most recent discovery since seeing it on Kit from Style Slicker’s Twitter, is dubble.me. I love this because it’s such a simple, brilliant concept but one I’d never have thought of myself nor imagined myself enjoying. How wrong could I be? Cue a manic three-hour session Sunday morning in bed dubbling nearly 100 photos, ahem! Basically, you upload a favourite pic and it gets paired and blended with a random fellow user’s to make something lovely, special, new and inspiring out of the two of them. The thrill, and trust me, it’s a mega thrill, comes from waiting to see if what’s produced is the fabulous, mind-blowing photo you’re longing for. Oh, it’s not? Ok, you can delete a less than perfect result from your stream and just dubble again! LOVING IT! You can also check out the other user’s original photo and stream. See the dubble tumblr for lots of inspiration and join this 3-month old start up here and see my profile here.

VSCOCAM – Gorgeous film filters from VSCO that for the online package cost a bomb, but hey, the app is free, wink, wink. Presets developed from Fuji, Kodak, Polaroid and more films producing something a lot more subtle and elegant than your usual filters. Problem is, I really want to use this on my laptop for blog photos and might have to end up shelling out after all. Damnit.

Fragment – This is great fun for when you want to do something a little more different. Like geometric, abstract, prismatic rearrangements of your photos. You can crop the photo, apply a prism and work on the composition to attain a nice effect. Check out sister app Faded too, for a range of filers, including some film-like ones, effects and reshaping your image into circles, ovals, stars etc. These ones are £1.49 and $0.99 respectively.

What are your favourite apps right now?

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