The Perfect Summer Sandals



Last summer, I succumbed and bought a pair of Ancient Greek sandals I’d had my beady eye on for a while. I’ve loved wearing them (see here and here) and now I’m already spying up new styles for the spring… 

Really, I don’t think anyone else does such a perfectly elegant take on sandals, the Platonic form if you like, which makes sense as the designs are said to based on ones made by an Ancient Greek sandal maker from Crete – myths and legends sort of stuff! Read more here. I’m most in love with the simplest designs in natural leather and am weighing up the options above. So pretty with a floaty dress or rolled up jeans, enough to tear me away from my much beloved birkies, would you believe it?

I know it’s early to be thinking spring/summer, but I’ve just about had it with these rainy cold days. I long for the warm sunshine again, and wonder how many weeks, really, before it’s here. It’s the worst part of winter isn’t it, the dragging out of January and February, the getting-too-hopeful March and the so-called rainy April. June is when things really start to happen now, isn’t it? And the summer months are happy birthday months for me and the little one when lots of exciting things always seem to happen. Bring it on! But lots of fun things to get through first, I must admit…

What are you favourite summer sandals?

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    1. Urghh, I know! This cold wet weather is really the worst. Bring on the spring! 🙂

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