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Natural beauty | Indie Lee | Ruby Red | The Body Deli | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

As you probably know, I tend to stick to natural and organic skincare products and am always on the lookout for interesting new brands. Well, I have some brilliant ones to tell you about, all of which I am currently using and loving…

First up is Indie Lee, eco-luxe natural beauty products from New York by an incredibly inspirational lady. Indie Lee tells a pretty intense tale about discovering she had a life-threatening brain tumour and ultimately going through successful surgery (check out her blog for this and more). The success of her skincare brand and her as an individual is testament to living every day with immense gratitude, grace and positivity. Meeting her in person last week and hearing her story was a hugely moving experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Natural beauty | Indie Lee | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

The two products I have here are the Squalene Facial Cream* and Rose Hip Cleanser*, both launching next month exclusively on A Beautiful World. Squalene – a naturally occurring lipid in our bodies which is often extracted from sharks for beauty products – is known as nature’s botox; for Indie’s products it’s extracted from sustainable farmed olive plants. The cream is vegan and cruelty free and meant to stimulate collagen and reduce signs of ageing. I’ve been using it for nearly a week now, on its own as a daily moisturiser, and it’s more than sufficient – I usually use an oil or serum underneath my moisturiser. It’s left my skin super supple and the small lines around my eyes (which seemed to have got worse after our long-haul trip to Australia) seemed to have softened and faded. Yippee! Going to keep going with this one! The cleanser is pink and clear and bubbly. It is deliciously scented and feels soothing and gentle to the skin. I love using it first thing in the morning with my shower.

Natural beauty | Indie Lee Squalene Cream | Ruby Red | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon Natural beauty | Bee Yummy Skin Food | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

Also from A Beautiful World and filling out my daily skincare routine is the Bee Yummy Skin Food* and The Body Deli’s Solar Day Cream (see top photo, far right). I am loving the wholesome rawness of Bee Yummy – it’s made from wildflower honey straight from the comb, unheated and unfiltered. It’s a wet, runny cream and I’m using it every night, enjoying how different it is from other rich creams I use. I’m definitely finding my skin is feeling plumper and *holy grail words*, younger. Adore this and want to keep it as a regular part of my routine. And I love that no preservatives are need as honey is the only food that lasts forever. How cool are all those stories about pots of honey being found in Egyptian tombs? Plus it’s a celeb fave, with Georgia Jagger a huge fan.

Natural beauty | Indie Lee Squalene Cream | Ruby Red Cooling Foot Balm | Bee Yummy Skin Food | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

I was really excited about trying The Body Deli, not least because I’ve heard some amazing things about this Californian organic brand, but also I’ve been on the hunt for a natural non-gunky SPF for the face and wow, I’ve finally found it. This isn’t just like applying a half-decent SPF cream, it’s like applying a premium moisturiser that happens to have SPF 15 in it. It feels so luxurious smoothing it in and leaves no trace of residue or god-forbid, whiteness. Love this and I can’t stop putting it on in the mornings even when the sun’s not because it’s so gorgeous to use! Can’t wait to try some other products from the range.

Natural beauty | Hairy Jayne shampoo | Ruby Red Reviving Cleanser | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

Next up, is UK brand Ruby Red. No nasties and not tested on animals, I had the Reviving Body Cleanser and Cooling Foot Cream with extracts of peppermint to try. With a subtle citrus aroma (I actually like my shower gels a bit more powerful on the nostrils, I must admit!) the shower gel foams up really well and feels like your skin is getting a good cleanse. The foot balm was the real surprise. A lightly whipped white mousse which, post bath, made my feet tingle in the most delicious way! Quite a treat really, loving the mousse texture, unfortunately you can’t really see how yummy it is from the photo…

Natural beauty | Hairy Jayne | Bee Yummy | The Body Deli | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

And finally, I’ve been using the Hairy Jayne Nourishing Shampoo and Cream Conditioner. Handmade in small batches in Brixton (love the personality coming through the labels – Jayne describes herself as a geeky hairdresser!) the range is free from nasties and uses essential oils for fragrance. Well, what can I say? I have never seen my hair so full, luminous and well-looking. As someone who is pretty neglectful of her locks, this has been quite a revelation and hey, who knows, I might start wearing it down, it looked so good! I was also sent a small bottle of Treatment Conditioner which I confess I haven’t used yet. It’s the kind you put on your ends overnight or put on pre-shampoo which is a little too haircare advanced for me, but I’m building up to it, I promise! Also, all the packaging is made from recycled materials. 

Natural beauty | Hairy Jayne | Indie Lee | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon
Enjoy the round-up? Any new favourites on the natural and organic beauty scene for you at the moment?

* Sample sent for review

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  1. I love Indie Lee’s products I bet it was an amazing experience meeting her! I’ve been looking for an SPF to wear in the day too so I’m off to have a look at the Body Deli one it sounds great! I’ve been using their Blueberry Fusion Micro Scrub and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and it smells delicious!

    1. Ooh, would love to try that! Yes, the SPF is really what I’ve been looking for – hope you like it! x

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