PS. What To Do With Unwanted Clothes

Let’s just say, what with my mega spring clean, wardrobe overhaul and new Five Piece French Wardrobe approach, I’ve had a lot of bags to take to my local charity shops and I’ll be honest, stuff to throw out…

There are some pieces that are just too tatty to give to charity, so what choice is there? But adding to landfills weighs heavily on my mind and I wish I’d know about H&M’s new Garment Collecting scheme as I would have taken my bags into my nearest shop.

H&M (who is transparently striving to be more eco and ethical – see last year’s Sustainability Report) is asking the public to bring them their unwanted clothes, whatever their state, for recycling. They’ll be sold second-hand, turned into other products like cleaning cloths and rags, and the very worst pieces, into insulation. I think it’s a brilliant idea and the perfect solution for clothes you don’t want to sell or give to charity. (Just to be clear this is a different campaign from their recent one when they were swapping clothes for vouchers…)

If you do want to sell pieces on, there’s a great new app called Depop which I’ve just signed up for. Very simple to upload photos and there are tonnes of users so quite a lot of activity. I’ve had quite a bit of interest in pieces, but need to get back to people’s various questions… I will, I will soon! But do take a look at this cute little video (there’s a talking shirt for goodness sake!) if only to imprint it on your mind so next time you have unwanted clothes you’ll know exactly what to do with them!

What have you been doing with your unwanted clothes?

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  1. Charity shops collect old clothes for recycling. They will sort the items – what can be sold and what isn’t good enough to sell. They get money by weight for textiles. My charity shops do anyway so it is worth asking your local charity shop if they want old things that aren’t good enough to sell.


    1. Hi Gae – thanks so much for this, I didn’t know that. Am def going to check with my locals… That’s really great if so! x

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