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The first thing I do when I get home from a day out is change out of whatever I’m wearing into something comfy. You know, the stretchy kind of clothes that are perfect for curling up on the sofa with a cuppa…

My general approach is to kit myself out in yoga trousers and a jumper or t-shirt or a very loose floaty dress. But recently launched Blue Marmalade has a gorgeous selection of more sophisticated pieces – with well-known brands like Princess Tam Tam and Eberjey and lesser known ones like Zinke – encouraging ideas and inspiration for downtime dressing. From silky pyjama shorts, robes and ever so pretty lacy dresses to the more functional but of high quality tank tops, tees and bottoms, this is off-duty wear heaven!

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Founder Helen White got in touch a few weeks ago to tell me all about it and agreed to answer a few questions about leaving her role as buying director at Miss Selfridge to launch her own brand after twenty years in fashion retail….

Can you tell us a little about how Blue Marmalade came about and what it stands for?
I created Blue Marmalade so that stylish women can have gorgeous things to wear after they’ve closed the front door behind them. For that moment when you’re home after a hard day and want to climb into something that means comfort but isn’t a worn-out old tee. Something that not only feels lovely but also looks lovely. I’m not saying a pair of pyjamas is going to change your life, but it is a lovely thing to climb into some lovely PJs. And all of us could do with a bit of lovely.

What key things did you learn about what women want from their fashion while at Sweaty Betty and Miss Selfridge?
There are two things that seem to apply to all women. Firstly, they are always wanting to be inspired by new things. And secondly they want to buy things that are going to make them feel good. It’s a brand’s job to work out what will make their particular customers feel good and then continually surprise and delight them with new things for them to fall in love with.

What do you change into when you get home after a busy day?
After a busy day the thing that I really crave is comfort and so my Dote boyfriend PJs are the perfect thing. They are made from Modal which is the softest thing against your skin. I love them.

What pieces can’t you live without for the spring?
I am loving my  Topshop espadrille wedges right now. They feel like such a feminine take on the espadrille thing and work with so many outfits.

Can you describe your lounging around uniform for lazy weekends?
On a lazy weekend I always love to pull on some silk PJ pants with a lovely tee. My favourites right now are these 3J NYC pants, which are in a gorgeous soft silk. And I love this Majestic silk linen tee, the colour just says summer to me.

A big thank you to Helen for her lovely answers! I also styled up two of my favourite pieces from the site. I went for something I wouldn’t usually wear at home – a Zinke Endless Summer lace dress and super comfy Zinke cami vest top. Perfect now that the weather is hotting up!

Zinke dress & crop top | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon Zinke dress & crop top | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

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