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It’s been a busy few weeks, well, months! And I’m ever guilty of not taking the time to slow down and relax (it took a broken laptop and three-day migraine to bring me to a grinding halt recently). But now that I have, what better than a personalised and organic bath soak from newly launched The Bathory?

The website alone (the brand is based in Exmouth Market, London) is an absolute pleasure, a welcoming flickering candle draws you into a world of easy times, a glass of wine by the bath perhaps as you undress for a fabulous soak. Inventing my own little mix on the super easy to use site, I chose the ‘Detox’ Epsom salts which go with the pink (pink!) Himalayan salts & Dead Sea salts, all hand-blended in a barn in Berkshire. For my oils – organic and sustainably sourced – I went for some personal favourites, eucalyptus, sandalwood and grapefruit. I think I wanted something with a punch and a bit of a mad time! Crazy me, right?

As you can see, the salts come in the most darling packaging with a cute ‘Let’s Get Naked’ sticker and ideas for your jar once finished. I ended up having a late night soak, clocking in at midnight, with the lights out and just a candle. So calming and relaxing. Although you can tip in the entire contents, like the other beauty bloggers, I shied away from such decadence (what temperate types we are!) and sprinkled in about a sixth of the jar. Incredible smelling and loved seeing the pink salts in the water.

Suffice to say half an hour later I was in a hazy, dreamy la-la land and slipped into bed beyond relaxed, my usually achey neck and shoulder muscles much calmer. I can’t tell you if toxins were drawn out of me, but I can tell you I can’t wait for my next Bathory bath. The price comes in at approx. £18 with shipping (worldwide too) at £3. Dispatched in 48 hours this is the perfect treat to self or thoughtful gift for someone you love.

How incredible are these flowers, btw? They’ll be featuring in at least two more forthcoming posts, so I hope you like them!

The Bathory | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon The Bathory | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon The Bathory | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon The Bathory | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

A big thank you to The Bathory founder Laura Grace for treating me to this gorgeous mix of salts and oils!


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