Santorini Sunset

IMG_0145.JPGAfter nearly missing our flight and a slightly more trying time toddler-wise than usual we have arrived in the cliff-topped paradise of Greece’s Santorini…

Chilled red wine, artichokes and honied feta filo was our reward as we watched the sun go down. I tinkered with long exposures and white balance while Gus made forever friends with a bonsai-sized dog called Rocky.

Making our way back to our perfectly serviceable overnight we short-cutted through a starlit disused car park where we stumbled upon a shipping container. Obvs. So scenic and crying out for a 5-second shutter release, I’ve never been so pleased with a photo… Picture postcards for now and a round-up of where we ate and stayed at the end of the trip. Tomorrow, a ferry to Paros… Keep abreast of the sunsets and waves on Insta

ps. This post was created with the brilliant Olympus Share app & iPad mini. Laptop, who needs a laptop?



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