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Found. The perfect grey cashmere scarf. Also found. The perfect pair of pale distressed skinnies. Result. One perfect outfit plus a gif (…)

These two pieces make me feel like a grown-up with a grown-up wardrobe. These are key classics that can be thrown on and guaranteed to up the casual chic ante with their faded looks but most excellent quality. I’m not much of an expert scarf wrapper, I have zero technique, but I find that with a quality twill you don’t have to worry too much, it’ll just fall into perfect folds and wrinkles.

I’ve had many beautiful summer scarves over the years, the one thing I’ll grab mindlessly as I leave the house, trusting in its lightweight protection should a breeze pick up, or unexpected indoor chill. Unfortunately as they travel with me always, I tend to lose them eventually.

As you know the last few months I’ve been living in the baggy boyfriend styles of Paige and MiH denim, but my head was turned the second I tried this Italian pair on in a PR showroom. SOS Jeans, most super quality, the best in Italy I’m assured and I adore them. They fit so perfectly, are frayed so perfectly and look so perfectly. Love!

As most will agree, the skinny is not a trend on its way out, it’s a modern day classic and may be on the backburner ever so slightly at the moment, but I’ve found myself reaching for this pair at every opportunity since taking them home. Sorry cheaper skinnies, for faded pale form-fitting excellence – and la bella figura to a T – must go premium.

SOS Jeans* | Susy Harper top indie tunic | Manebi espadrilles | Pomandere scarf from KJs Laundry


So I don’t know which style these jeans are and they are a size 10 which means they come up pretty small, as I’m usually a size or two down. More info coming soon…

SOS Jeans | Pomandere scarf | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

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    1. Yes, the espadrilles are brill – wearing them thin on the heel, haha!

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